The Beatles

Today Danielle and I were able to bond over the wonderful music of Lennon and McCartney. It has been a while since I have put in a Beatles disc and just let it play. We had to drive around to deliver invitations to a tea party that Danielle is planning, and decided to turn on the Beatles "One" CD. So many great songs. It was a hallmark moment for our marriage. Why so big you ask? The Beatles were the one type of music my family has always agreed on. I have been indoctrinated from a very early age that in the World of Rock there is nothing that can beat the four mop tops from Britain. "Hey Jude" was my favorite, but as of late I have grown fond of the more obscure "Rocky Raccoon." Listening to Danielle belt out a couple of bars from "Help," and then "She's Got a Ticket to Ride" (why did the Carpenters have to ruin it!!!)was one of the most beautiful moments of married bliss that I have experienced. She was terrified to sing in front of me earlier, and now she is singing what I love. Fell in love all over again! The only thing that would have made it better was if we were driving to a large buffet with lots of delicious savory meats!
FYI- Dani and I will be selling Beatles paraphernalia in Louisville,KY from May 27-31! Oh yeah!

Here is a link to listen to Rocky Raccoon:


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  2. What the? Selling Beatles paraphernalia? In Kentucky? Sounds like the drive was true marital bliss. :)

  3. houswifery? hahahahahahahahahaha

  4. heeeeey that comment was for your other post :(


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