Let's Talk About Putin. (But Probably Not In The Way You're Thinking Of.)

So, Putin.

(this guy.)

You probably know him as the scary/mean/dictator-y President of Russia.  Most Americans have that view, but over here, the story is different. In fact, most Russians approve of the job he's doing as president.  Personally, I don't think he's as bad as America makes him out to be, but that's a story for another day.

Today, I would like to do today is show you a side of Putin that you have never seen before.

A side that is wrapped in mystery, swaddled in cheesy cheeseballness, and topped with awkwardness.  It's just so good.

But let's start with something to compare with, shall we?

First, the normal pictures. When you think of Putin, you probably think of pictures like this:

Scary Russian guy.

Doesn't smile.

Doesn't mess around.

Well, consider that side of Putin over, my friends.  By the time I'm done, you'll want to have him over for dinner and go hunting with him while shirtlessly riding horses. (Or other animals. Just wait.) 

**Before I show you these next pictures, you have to understand that Russians can be incredibly cheesy.  Like, REALLY cheesy, especially when they take pictures.  How else could they think a wedding video like this was a good idea? **

With that in mind, I introduce you to: Posing Putin. 

(Also remember: none of these are photoshopped...he poses all on his own. I wonder if he has a posse of photographers surrounding him at all times?)

Putin likes to fish. 


Putin likes to pose with horses.


Putin likes to ride horses.


He likes hunting.

Also shirtless.

And also WITH a shirt.

You might say he's a huge outdoorsman.

An inexplicably perpetually shirtless outdoorsman. (Although obvs swimming = shirtless for everyone, so there's that.)

Dolphins love Putin, especially while he's shirtless.

Putin knows how to kill you in Karate.

And he has also mastered the Lucille Bluth wink.

But no matter how great these "candid" photos of Putin are, they're nothing compared to the photoshopped ones.  People looooooove photoshopping Putin.  And man oh man, is it ever good.  

Let's take a look.

First of all, lots more pictures of Putin riding things.  Normal things, like:





And, what the heck, crackers.

(Putin on the Ritz, get it? It's almost funnier if you DON'T know the joke.  You can just imagine Putin zooming through the Russian forest on the back of a Ritz cracker.)

And, of course, Putin as a centaur:

And Putin riding an Obama centaur.

Putin swimming away from a bear:

And an explosion at sea:

Now let's move on to our Personification category.  Here's a nice transition from Putin Swimming to Putin Impersonating:

Putin Swimming While Impersonating Kate Winslet.

Putin as Piglet.

Putin as a mermaid.

Putin as a ballerina.

Putin as a female body builder.

Now, it's time for the "What the Heck Internet" category.  This is all the stuff that didn't fit...well, ANYWHERE.

Like this, for instance:

"Lazy Eye Putin Casts Spells at News Conference"

Putin is flying...with angel wings...and two storks.

Someone reeeeeeeally wants Putin to like Pokemon.

Here's Putin in drag.

And here's Putin eating fish. (???)

So, the next time you see big bad Putin in the news, just remember: he's a lot like you.  Except he rides horses shirtless, does karate, hunts tigers, and swims with dolphins.  And he has about a billion awesome photoshop pictures of himself.

You know, normal stuff.

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