Let me tell you a story.

Waaaaay back in 2009, when Tim and I were newlyweds (We're old farts now), we had a conversation that went like this:

T: Dani, we should start a blog.

D: No.

T: But all newlyweds have blogs! Shouldn't we have a blog? Wouldn't it be fun to have a blog? We could both post on it!

D: Every single jointly-posted newlywed blog I've seen has turned into the wife's blog.  The husband neeeeeever posts. That will happen to us, and frankly, I don't want another blog. I already have my own.  Doesn't that seem a little repetitive?

T: Oh, no, Dani, I would never fail you in such a manner! I promise to post lots and lots! Let's get a blog! Please? Pleaaaaase? Puh-LEEEEEAASE???

D: *sigh.*       Fine.  We will start a blog.  In which BOTH of us post.  Not just me.

T: Yes, I will keep my word! I will post every single day! I will post WAY more than you! I promise, Dani! I will not let you down!!


Current posts: 183
Dani's posts: 172
Tim's posts: 11

(I mean...not that anyone's keeping score or anything like that.)

And THAT'S how this blog got started.

As for the name, it's mostly inspired by this.