DisPinterest is my homage to the best of the worst on Pinterest.

If you don't find yourself shaking your head every now and then whilst staring at the screen at someone's extraordinarily bad taste in LIFE as evidenced by their crappy pins on Pinterest, then we can't be friends.

If you do, and you'd like to commiserate with me, then feel free to explore the links below.

DisPinterest: Things You Should Not Do With Food.

DisPinterest: Ridiculous Tips & Tricks.

DisPinterest: Things You Should Not Wear.

DisPinterest: BabyBangs.

DisPinterest: Photoshop Fails.

DisPinterest: Post-Craft Apocalypse.

DisPinterest: Maternity Photos.

More DisPinterest.

Original DisPinterest.

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