The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden... that's just what we did.  So much has been happening lately in the Stratford much to update...but we'll start with the garden.

This is our little plot of earth that will soon bring forth sustenance.  Note all the weeds and stuff.  Tim and I cleared the weeds, then I watched while Tim hoed the dirt.  We bought 5 tomato plants and one strawberry plant.  And if you're thinking of criticizing our choices, well...don't!  We didn't want to spend money on a butload of plants just to have them die.  So...thus the tomatoes and the lone strawberry plant.

My man with his shovels and rakes and implements of destruction. Isn't he really really ridiculously good looking?

After many trials and tribulations, we were able to turn our little garden into this.  There you go.  Five tomatoes and one strawberry.

Tim and I, posing together after all of our hard work.  

We're really excited to eat the fruits of our labors.  It's been such a long time since I've had a strawberry fresh from the garden! 


  1. Awww! Look at you two and your little green thumbs! Best of luck with your garden, it looks great! You should throw in a few rows of peas, too. You can get a packet of seeds for around a dollar so you wouldn't be wasting your money on a ton of plants. I would even send you the dollar. Heck, I still have the rest of the packet from when we planted our balcony peas. I could send you those if you wanted them... you wouldn't regret it, I promise.

    Grow, garden, grow like the wind!!

  2. You only wish you had thought to plant a tomatillo plant like me! I'll let you eat mine if you make that salsa.

    Happy birthday!!!

  3. we will definitely need to do some garden swapping...yum! we just got some peas (thanks carrie!) so we're going to plant those today too and see what happens...


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