We have been robbed...

(not the actual thief)
Our car got broken into last night.  We came out this morning, ready to leave, and the middle console and jockey box were hanging open, with their contents all over the passenger seat.  Of course, our first reaction was shock--then we tried to figure out what was missing.

Pretty much...nothing.

Except a set of collected works by C.S. Lewis on CD.

Aaaaaand two packs of Stride Spearmint Gum.

Nothing else--not Tim's three CD cases, nothing from the trunk (we had tennis rackets, golf clubs, power tools, tool set, bocce ball....yeah. I guess we DO have a lot of crap in our trunk.  But still! Nothing was taken), everything was still there.  It was really weird.  I mean, we're really grateful that there was nothing else stolen, but--they broke into our car and took two packs of gum and a collection of books about religious topics?   Wow. 
Maybe it was a crook who needed religious reform and tinglingly Spearmint-fresh breath.  I don't know.  If you run into anyone trying to sell you a set of C.S. Lewis CD's with one missing (that one's still in our CD player...ha ha, thief, WE have the last laugh!), just make sure you call the cops.

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  1. That happened to me in high school. Perhaps it was the same thief. So, anyone going around with religious CD's, gum, a handful of rubber bands and the face of a CD player (not the actual CD player just the buttons part), is our culprit.


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