Tim and I Are Ready for Adulthood

Mostly because we decided we wanted to get a dog.  Sometime in the next three years.  Fun, huh?  We feel like such grownups!

Plus, I was so proud of us for picking a dog that we are both super excited about.  We first learned of this illustrious dog when I showed Tim William Wegman's dog videos.  You can go here to watch a couple.  We like Dog Duet and Spelling Lesson.

So anyway, we watched those a while ago but got reminded about our love for those dogs when we were playing Cranium with some of Tim's cousins.  One of the questions was, "What breed of dog does William Wegman use in his photographs?" And I was able to correctly answer:

The Weimaraner! (Why-muh-rine-er)

Yes, my friends, the Weimaraner.  Tim and I's new goal in life is to own two of these puppies. 


I mean, look how cute these lil guys are!


And then look what he turns into:

ooooOOOOOooo! Am I right? So beautiful...sigh...

And some of them have blue eyes and it's so striking.  Their fur ranges anywhere from a taupish color to a greyish blue color to a dark grey color.  
The great things about Weimaraners are their loyalty.  They are a people-dog through and through.  In fact, their nickname is the Velcro dog.  They want to be with you and a part of the family.  They are incredibly intelligent and very active and athletic dogs. 

They are also, however, prone to separation anxiety....and if they don't get enough rigorous physical exercise (DAILY), they will chew your house apart.  They're also quite rambunctious and can be hard to control if you don't train them right.  A lot of the things I read online said that many owners can't handle them and so they end up ruining the dog, training-wise.  Then the dog gets out of control and really unwieldy and neurotic and the owner ends up giving it away / selling it / or worse.  Sad, huh?
The point is, we think these dogs are beautiful but we're finding out that taking care of them would be a lot like kids.  Definitely a large time investment.   Hopefully someday we'll get ourselves some Weimies.

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  1. I love weims, too! There's a rescue here in Oregon (oregonweimrescue.org) that I support. As soon as my yard is fenced I plan to help by fostering rescues.

    If you want to skip all the problems of puppyhood, a rescued adult dog is a great option.


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