Tagginess: 8 Q's

Here you go Steph!

1. What's one thing you're really glad happened in the past week?

This will sound weird...but Tim's grandma passed away from cancer on Monday.  It obviously wasn't a good thing, but there were a lot of good things that came of it.  It was so great to have the family all together and to draw closer to one another.  Each of the granddaughters (and granddaughters-in-law...that's me) were able to have some of her jewelry to keep and pass down to the next generation.  I must say I felt pretty touched.  It's special to have something to remember her by and to give to my own daughters from their great-grandmother.

2. What are you favorite things to wear?

Man.  It feels like my wardrobe has gone downhill since I've been married.  But I love accessorizing with scarves, layers, and good color mixing.

3. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Well...funny you should ask.  Tim & I just did a five year plan together (it's a fun FHE activity for you married peeps), and we would like to be done with law school, a couple kids, and with a steady job (for Tim). I'll probably be a stay at home mom and maybe be able to finish a Master's degree before we have kids...but who knows in what.

4. What's your most relaxing pastime?

Reading, cooking, or making something.

5. Have you read any good books lately that you wish to share?

I reread the Scarlet Pimpernel lately.  It was interesting seeing the relationship between the husband and wife in that book with new eyes now that I'm married, too.  I really enjoyed rereading it.

6. What's one of your favorite dinners to make?

Whatever Tim will eat (which isn't as easy as it sounds...).  One of our favorites is a simple bowtie pasta with red peppers, italian sausage and parsley.  It's really simple but it tastes so good!

7. Where do you wish you were right now (time or place) or why are you happy where you're at?

I'm glad I'm right where I am, which is in Provo.  We're living in the basement of Tim's uncle's house, and we really love having so much space (and I enjoy having a whole room to use for my art studio!).  It's been so great so far!

8. When are you going to call me next?

Sooooon!  Maybe tomorrow?

Love you Steph! I would tag people, but I think we run in the same blog circle...so if you want to answer 8 Q's, feel free!

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  1. Wow! You're quick! Although I pretty much knew your answer to more than half these questions...


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