Moving is Very Exhausting

I don't even know what to write about first.  We are so happy here.  I love it.

When we first got here, I think we were both having a mild anxiety attack.  We looked at each other when we were only 40 miles away from Nashville and thought, "This is it.  This is really it.  I can't believe we're doing this!"  I had (have) so many concerns--would we be able to find somewhere to live? Would Tim like law school? Would we like Nashville? Would I, the country bumpkin, be okay in the big(ger) city?  I think we both felt really nervous because it was so different.  I didn't realize how sheltered I still was in Utah.  I truly loved my time there and I wouldn't have had it any other way, but I'm also really glad I'm getting to experience life outside of Utah.

Anyway, we stayed at a crappy hotel for the first couple nights, trying to find somewhere to live.  It was so exhausting.  Then we found the perfect place: a 2 bed, 2 bath apartment, big kitchen, tons of storage (tons!), washer dryer, dishwasher, balcony, only $850/mo...the only catch was that it was a 20 minute commute for Tim.  We actually put a deposit down on the apartment and then realized...oh...yeah...we would need a second car.


So, in the 72 hours afterward in which our deposit was fully refundable, we started over on our apartment search.

We looked at a lot more places, but didn't really feel good about any of them.  I don't even actually remember how we stumbled on the apartment we found, but somehow we did.  It was two blocks away from law school, but somehow a little cheaper than the other place we found.  It was a miracle.  The only reason it was available was because a girl wanted to get out of her lease early.  We went over, looked at the apartment, and decided to take it.  What's funny is that later we realized it had none of the things we wanted in our apartment: no dishwasher, no washer/dryer, small kitchen and bathroom, and squeaky floors.  It's just crazy how that happened, and equally as crazy that we both felt completely okay about it.  The only really crappy thing was that we wouldn't be able to move in till the 19th.  Which is today.

So, for the past two weeks, we've been here, at our crappy little Thrifty Inn, where they feed you raisin bran or doughnuts for their continental breakfast and the maids do little more than make the beds when they "clean."   Most of the other people at the hotel are longer-term residents because the hotel offers weekly rates as well as nightly.

We have made a friend, a big black lady who talks to us whenever she sees us. At breakfast, she started telling me how her daughter was letting this other girl live with her even though she knew she'd leave her hanging with rent money, and what would I do if my daughter was in that situation?  She found out we were from Utah and she literally did not know what Utah was like.  Tim and I tried to explain it was drier, and she said, "Drier? Like what?" We said, well, it's like a desert.  She got all wide-eyed and I don't think she really thought that there were places that weren't humid like here.  But then we realized she thought we meant that Utah was like the Sahara Desert.  Then we told her no, it's just hot and dry like Vegas.  Then she was super confused.  I don't think she has a very good idea of what the climate is like in Utah.

Yesterday I was swimming in the pool and all of a sudden I heard, "Hey Utah! You still here?"  Yup.  Still here.  She is one funny and talkative lady.

Tim started orientation on Monday, and he is loving it.  I am so glad and so proud.  Bless his little analytical noggin, he is in heaven.  Yesterday he tried to tell me all about this debate the class had about a sign in a park that said, "No vehicles allowed in park," and how they debated what the word "vehicles" meant...was it an ATV? An RV? A bicycle? A sedan? Tim loved it.  He loves talking about nuances.  I, on the other hand, am perfectly happy to say, "C'mon, you know what the sign is saying.  Just use common sense and move on."  But someday, as Tim likes to point out to me, that analytical little noggin is going to make us a lot of money.  Hopefully.

Anyway, I've been job searching while Tim's in orientation.  It really hasn't been going all too well. I think I'm realizing that my resume is a "jack-of-all-trades" thing.  I just don't have enough experience for any one particular job.  I do have one job, a part-time tutoring job, which is good because 1) it pays $33/hour, and 2) it is part time.  But it's also bad because 1) it's REALLY part 6 hours a week, and 2) it doesn't start till mid-October.  We will need money before that.  In the meantime, I've applied at a couple other places, like the local YMCA's, Head Start programs, Wells Fargo Teller positions, substitute teacher...hopefully ONE of those will work out. 

The one that I really want is one I just applied to on Wednesday: working at the Mac store (computers, not makeup).  I really really REALLY want that job.  I think I will die if I don't get it.  So, everyone, send good karma and prayers my way!

In the meantime, Tim and I move in today! I couldn't be more excited.  Wish us luck!

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  1. Wow. It all sounds so exciting. I have a friend that I grew up with who lives in Nashville. I haven't been there. It sounds like you guys are starting out an a fun adventure. We have really loved being in D.C. and seeing a different side of things. It has been a great growing experience. Hopefully it will be for you too. Good luck with everything!


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