iPhone. Need I Say More?

 Here is my brand new iPhone.  When you're used to using the free Samsung flip phone, it is quite a leap.  Plus, I have Siri.  And she is freaking amazing.  More about that later.

I got the white phone because it looks awesome.  And because Tim wanted black, so it worked out perfectly.  The blue thing around the edges is my bumper.  I hate how bulky the cases get!

And look what I did! I took a picture of one of my artworks and used it as my background.  It looks pretty cool, AND it matches my bumper.  Two-fer!

Okay, let's talk Siri.  The most amazing thing about her is that she knows your intent, not just key words, and she has a great sense of dead-pan humor.  These are some screen shots of some real things I asked Siri:

 It's mind-blowing.  Of course, she can do other boring stuff like set alarms, check on appointments, send dictated texts, give you a weather report, get directions, search for services, play music, email someone, get someone's address, look up information like how many ounces in 5 cups...but who cares about that? It's much more fun just to play.

 It's too bad we can't be friends...we're not allowed, apparently.


  1. What's with you and your recent friendshipping of robots? Play words with friends with me. My names Floozey.

  2. Did you ask Siri to marry you?... Oh, the Post-modern world we live in! Sign of the times, undoubtedly, for many reasons...

  3. First the comedian whats his name and now Siri - should eTim be worried? On the other hand Siri is probably Mexican or at least speaks Spanish. I know this because he calls you Danita. Should we tell Siri your full name or would that cause damage to the little simulated synapses?


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