Our Apartment Lately

Yay! I got a job so we were able to afford furniture!  We don't have to live out of boxes anymore!

Ignore those gold pillows...they will be recovered soon.  In the meantime--new couch cover!! Pretty cool, huh? I made that! I took pictures and stuff along the way, but I'm too lazy to post them and/or talk about making it...but basically, it swallowed a solid week of my life whole.  It was mostly worth it.  Also...those endtables: adorable, no?

Our computer station.  More bookshelves, a printer table, and I hung some of my paintings up!

Isn't she beautiful? This is where I get to sit and do my hair and makeup everyday.  It is even more beautiful in person.  I loooove having a vanity.  

Our armoir for extra closet space! With a chrome piggy bank!  Because who wouldn't want a chrome piggy bank!

It's really pretty too.  And very solid. (The armoir, not the chrome piggy bank...)

Aaand...I finally got my studio area set up!  I am just so excited!  Now I just need to find time to do stuff.

Half of it is art stuff and half of it is sewing stuff.  Oh, and I'm making a rug out of t-shirts for our living room--you can see that on the table.  Unfortunately, I bought the Salvation Army out of all their blue t-shirts, so that project is on hold till they get more in.  Ahem.

Our little office-y bookcase and extra crap storage.  Yay for finally being moved in!  I'm excited to keep making improvements and putting stuff up on the walls.


  1. I've been wanting to make a t-shirt rug. How do you make that one? Is there any tutorial or anything you can send me? It's super cute.

  2. Loooove the wooden floors. And the couch cover. And all your furniture! Everything looks so clean and homey. Also, I have some t-shirts I've been wanting to get rid of but trying to find a recycled use for them first...haha. I have blue, white, black, gray, green. Want any of them?


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