Nashville Lately: Percy Warner Park, Starfish Cards, & Long Walks

Let's talk about things that have happened lately.  We'll start with General Conference.

It was so great.  I had to work on Saturday, so I wasn't able to watch those sessions live, but today Tim and I were able to watch both sessions together and it was wonderful.  We even got to make a deliciously unhealthy GC breakfast together.

Too bad we picked out the wrong bacon.  Seriously, that small piece used to be that big piece.

Here is our delicious Conference breakfast.  Feel free to salivate.

Between sessions, we decided to go for a walk in our favorite park (which is more like a preserve--the place is HUGE!) and just talk about our plans for the future together.  It was so great.  Percy Warner Park is so gorgeous and we had such a nice time.  It was the perfect temperature for a Sunday walk.

The view on the way there.

How gorgeous is this park?  We love Percy Warner.  We came here when we first moved here too so that Tim could spot his beloved fireflies.

We went to the Luke Lea Heights lookout.

Look how gorgeous it is!  So much greenery! It reminded Tim and I of being in the Sacred Grove.  

There is a downside to all that green, though.  

I, Danielle Marcela Stratford, who has never before experienced the phenomenon known as "allergies," hereby acknowledge that her respiratory system is no match for the record-setting pollen count of Davidson County.  Imagine being literally surrounded by 10,000,000,000,000 blooming things.  

Suffice it to say, I humbly admit that I am mortal along with the rest of humanity.

And here I thought I was immune.

Whelp, here's Tim with a furry little creature we found.  

You can thank me later.

And here is the view from the lookout.  You can just barely see downtown Nashville from here.

Tim said he wasn't ready for the picture, but I think he just wanted to ruin it.

Also, dreams do come true!  A fellow Idahoan! At Percy Warner Park in Nashville Tennessee!  Now, quick, Stephanie, which county is "E"? Ada, Adams, Bannock, Bear Lake, Bennewah, Bingham, Blaine...remember that song? mean you didn't have to learn a song of your state's counties? Lame.

No matter how many pictures you take in Photo booth, they never get old.

Me and fellow employee Ryan.  

This is me, diligently practicing my cursive Russian alphabet.  And at the bottom, it says (phonetically, of course...there is no WAY I can form a complete and coherent sentence in Russian yet...), "I can say whatever I want in Russian and no one can read it!" I'm so clever.

Also, I just realized that me translating it for you kind of defeats the purpose. *facepalm*

This is an iPhone case I saw the other day.  Someday it will be mine.  (Birthday's coming up soon, justsayin'....)

And that brings us to today, in which I made a card for a woman in our ward who recently moved to Nashville for cancer treatment at Vanderbilt.  She's been taken in by our ward as long as she is here. She was known as the Mother Theresa of China for her work with orphans there.  

The orphanage she runs is known as the Starfish Foster Home. If you've heard that story about throwing starfish back into the ocean, that's the one.  So I made a card for us to sign in conjunction with having the Primary kids draw cards for her this week, since she's going in for surgery.

Easter dinner.

We had Tim's friend/hometeachee Vincent and his 3 year old son Lucas over for dinner.

Here's some pictures from our walk this afternoon/evening.  Nashville is so picturesque and beautiful, I never want to leave.  

Cute houses.

That is a cat.

Don't believe me? Here is a closeup.  (But why wouldn't you believe me...I don't know.)


Just FYI.

I made Tim promise to take video if I do/say anything weird.  Being a Mormon, Lortab is probably the closest I'll ever get to being under the influence.  

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