So, It's Been A While.

My last post was written on May 8th, you guys.  MAY 8TH! That was, like, a kajillion months ago.  I have this thing where once I don't write for a while, all the stuff I have to talk about just piles up and piles up and it becomes an even bigger ordeal to post anything, because there's just so much stuff that's happened.

So. We're going to do bullet points.  By month.  I'm just cool like that.

  • We visited the Smokies.  Super fun, but we got rained out so we had to come back early.
  • Tim left for a month-and-a-half internship in Russia.  Sad day.
  • I visited cousin Steph and baby Marissa in St. Louis and had a grand time.
  • I packed up all of our crap from our apartment in preparation to move to a new apartment in Bellevue. While Tim was gone.
  • I discovered a nasty roach infestation in our new apartment, say No Way Jose, backed out of the lease, became homeless, and had generally The Worst Day of my Entire Life.
  • Tim made it all better by being awesome. While he was a continent away.
  • I moved in with our good friends, the Adams, while I looked for a new place to stay.
  • I looked at lots of apartments.  And then more apartments.
  • Tim was still in his internship in Russia.
  • I found no where to live.
  • Then I visited Tim in Russia.  It was incredible.  See pictures here.
  • We stayed with Tim's good friend Max, and his parents, in St. Petersburg.  I loooooved it.
  • Oh yeah--I got kidney stones.  
  • In Russia.
  • And I rode in two Russian ambulances.
  • It was all very exciting.
  • I'm better now, thanks for asking.
  • Then we came back to America.
  • We found a place to live! Hoorah! And it was in our same ward and it was just what we were looking for.
  • Tim started law school.
  • I went back to work at the Apple Store.
  • We bought bikes and I ride to work sometimes! Super fancy.
  • It was Tim's birthday!
  • We carved pumpkins!
And now you're updated.  Don't you feel all better?

P.S. you should really just follow me on Instagram at dani_stratford because I post waaaay more on that than I ever do on here.  I'll try to be better, really, but in the meantime...there's Instagram!

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