Here's Something Funny That Happened When We Discussed Breastfeeding Over Dinner (No, I Am Not Pregnant)

This one time a couple days ago we were talking about the merits of breastfeeding (for reasons completely unrelated to the status of my uterus, btw). The following is an actual dialogue that happened over our dinner table.  Feel free not to read if you are easily embarrassed. Just saying.

Dani: "Sometimes breastfeeding is painful and you can get breast infections." (Why we talk about this over dinner, I don't know.)

Tim: "Oh no, my babies!! I don't want them to get infected!"

Dani: "No, it's not the baby that gets infected, it's the breasts."

Tim: "Dani, those ARE my babies."

Well, I guess now we know where our priorities are.

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