This Guy Loves His Job.

So, I'm in the middle of trying to learn Russian in preparation for our sojourn over I thought I'd look up some Russian kid's tv shows to see if I can watch them.  My hope was that since they are kids' shows, they will speak slower and more simply than the adults talk, and I'll be able to pick up on the language.

Basically, I was hoping to find the Russian equivalent of Sesame Street.  Heck, maybe they'd even teach me my Russian alphabet.

Well, I did find a Russian kid's show.  It's called Good Night Kids. (d'awwwww, cute!)

The setup is one woman, surrounded by two or three little puppets, like this:

Cute, right?

So far so good.  I read the description under the photo: 

"This is "Good Night Kids" TV-show, one of the most popular and the oldest kids tv-show in Russia, back since Soviet Times. 

It's being conducted by a lady surrounded with two or three moving and speaking dolls. Since 2003 there is Miss Universe 2002 Oxana Fedorova works on constant basis.

But less people and kids know how the show is being made.  It stays so since its early time of Soviet television, still stays unchanged.  On the photo below you can see how they do animate the dolls."

Well, do you want to know how they animate those puppets? Do you?



And this, girls, is why you should want to grow up to be something more than Miss Universe.  That poor woman.

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  1. Wait WHAT? You're moving to Russia?? I feel like I missed a major announcement.

  2. Haha! Only for three months. Tim has an internship over there. I went last year for two weeks.

    Your posts about the crazy Russian hospitals have not been helping, btdubs.

    BUT we did get to experience the medical system, since I got kidney stones. IN RUSSIA. We went to the European medical clinic, though, because Tim said it was much better than the general hospitals. I do remember the local hospital reeking of cigarette smoke...and there was a couple of zucchinis from someone's garden on the Dr's desk...I didn't ask about that. :|

  3. hshahahahahaa!!!! hilar.

  4. Thanks, for a good laugh! Good luck learning Russian!

  5. Thanks, for a good laugh! Good luck learning Russian!

  6. Thanks Mandy! I'm so excited for it!


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