Gorky Park is Cool, Even Though Gorky Rhymes with Dorky

It's true.  It is cool.

One of the hardest things to adjust to over here isn't the language (even though that is definitely tough), the food, the climate, or even the culture.  It's being alone most of the time.

Now, as a full-on introvert, I didn't think I would mind at all.  And I don't mind terribly, but it's just that all of these incredible experiences I'm having would be so much better if I had someone to share things with, to tell them about, to see the same things as me.  I am seeing so many amazing things--things that you just have to be in person to experience--and I can't whip out my camera fast enough to catch all the funny/silly/crazy things I see.  All the pictures in the world couldn't do the real things justice.

Every time I walk the streets of Moscow I wish I could wear a camera on my head, just so you could see everything I'm seeing.  (But then I remember how weird I would look, and I don't wish that anymore.)

But seriously--that feeling of descending into the Metro and catching your first glimpse of the station, the majesty of a Russian Orthodox church, the gorgeous Muscovite sunsets over the skyscrapers, the sweet Russian babushkas wearing headscarves and patterned cotton dresses...these are the things I am falling in love with.  And since I love you, I want to share them with you.

On that note, I did something kind of different on my walk today in Gorky Park.  I took some videos of everything I wanted you to see, and put them all together.  It's a poor substitute for having someone here with me in person, but at least I get to share my view with you! Bonus points if you can spot the albino snake. Enjoy your walk!


  1. I just have to say, the girls and I look at all of these posts, and with each one Emily says, "I want to go there!"

    I have to agree. :) Thanks for sharing!

    1. Megan...you would love it! It's so great here. I just love it!

  2. I like this video! But wouldn't "Thingys" be spelled "Thingies?"
    I like that you captured short clips of random stuff and put it together, certainly does it more justice than a picture! I definitely laughed a few times. Old lady scared of geese, boy on springy thingies. Weird rollerblading. ha ha ha.
    Danielle. I will be alone all Summer too. Basically you and I will just start a blogging affair. You blog, I blog, you read my blog, I read your blog, and it continues like that. Then we'll be alone together.

    1. Heck yes! And the boy on springy things was my faaav. I was dying.


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