Technology Tuesday: International Keyboards

In my quest to learn Russian, I also had to learn a new alphabet.  Instead of just making the English alphabet work, I added the Russian keyboard to my phone as well so I can type in Russian for their "Google" app, Yandex.  Whether you're learning another language, already know another language, or just want to use Emoji, this will show you how to add another keyboard to your iPhone.

Follow the screenshots below:

Click on Settings.

 Click General. 

Scroll down till you see International.

Click on Keyboards.

Click Add New Keyboard...

Then scroll till you see your desired keyboard.  For Emoji, it is handily listed under "Emoji." (Isn't it great how that works out?) And voila! You've added a new keyboard.

Now, for accessing said keyboard: Any time you are typing, you will now see a Globe button to the left of your dictation button (if you have a 4S/5) or your space bar.  That's your keyboard button.

My favorite way to switch keyboards, since I have three of them, is to press and hold the Globe button. That will bring up a list of your keyboards.

Or, you can also tap the Globe button to cycle through your keyboards one at a time.

That's all! Hopefully that helps.  

If you have an iPhone question you want answered for Technology Tuesday, leave your question in the  comments!

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