Booty Shorts, Russian Pizza, and More

We walk past this church every time we go to the Shabalovskaya Metro entrance.  Isn't that crazy? You can't go more than a block or two without seeing a church. I don't think I will ever get sick of it.  We have at least 5 churches within a 2-mile radius of our apartment.

Pretty sure this niche I found in the Metro was made just for me.

A more accurate picture of things in Russia: their garbage is as bad as their postal system.

Just outside the Russian market, eating a pizza we bought there.  The crust was a little sweet, but good, and it had pepperoni and cheese on top.

It was pretty good--until I got to the middle.

Remember how I told you about Russians loving mayonnaise?  Well, when I got closer to the middle I noticed they had slathered not only mayonnaise, but ketchup as well.

In place of the pizza sauce.  

Hot, drippy, mayonnaise and ketchup squishing out everywhere.  

Normally, I like my fry sauce, but not like this.  And THAT'S why you should never buy a pizza in Russia.

Next up: the best worst outfit I have seen yet.

I took a creeper shot on the escalator. Can you spot the buttcheeks coming out of the flower shorts?

This lady was a piece of work, I tell you what.

A little kid playing for money near the Metro entrance.  

When he found out we were from America, he immediately switched over to English and told us he lived in Texas with his parents before moving here. (So jealous of his bilingual skills). 

He's not poor or anything, he just plays on the Metro for some spare allowance.  He was the sweetest.

Passing a church on the way to Sunday dinner.

We have yet to feed ourselves for Sunday dinner--every single Sunday, without fail, we get invited over to one of the Senior Missionaries' apartments, where they feed us a big meal of traditional Sunday dinner--usually a roast with mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies, and rolls.  So gooooooood.  

So, most Sunday evenings, Tim and I are the young married couple hanging out with these sweet senior missionaries.  We love it.  Some of them he knew from last summer when he was here, but there are new ones here too.  It's actually a great thing to have some examples to look forward to and say, "This could be us in 30 years." 

With both of our parents being divorced, it's nice to remember that some couples DO make it--and not only do they make it, but they are still deeply in love with each other 35 years down the road.

I'll leave you with something that definitely made me laugh out loud:

I wish I could show you the scale.  It's really no bigger than a normal car.  

And that teal color, oh boy. I love it.

Why don't they make these in America? I feel like they would be a huge hit.

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