Technology Tuesday: Reply with Message for Phone Calls

This is one of my favorite features of iOS 6 that a lot of people still don't know about.  It's called Reply with Message because, well, you reply with a message.

You know those moments when someone calls you, but you're in the middle of trying to use your phone and you don't want to send them to voicemail too early because you don't want them to think you're ignoring them? This feature was made for that moment.

Instead of waiting forever for the call to go away, or just silencing it and sending them to voicemail, you can send them a quick message or remind yourself to call them back with a couple taps.  So, if you're in the middle of a conversation and someone calls you, you can dismiss the call and let them know you're in the middle of something.

This will only work when someone's calling you, so grab a buddy and test it out!

When you're receiving an incoming call, your screen should look like this:

What most people don't notice is the little phone button to the side of the Answer button.

When you're receiving a call, you can slide that up and it will give you these options:

If you click the first button, Reply with Message, it will give you these options:

from here.

If you click Remind Me Later, it will show you this:

From here.

The cool thing is that it will add a hyperlinked reminder, so that you can just click on their name and it will automatically dial their number for you. Or, my personal favorite, you can have it remind you when you leave you current location.  So, if you're at a friend's house, as soon as you drive away and have time to talk your reminder will pop up.

You can also custom-configure the messages in Reply with Message.  Click on Settings, then Phone.

Click on Reply with Message.

Enter the message of your choice, and that's it!

Hopefully you learned something new.  It's a great feature that saves a lot of time!

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