Video: Fluffballs, Dogs Riding the Metro, & More

Some comments:

The fluff ball!! THE FLUFF BALL!!! You guys, THESE are the times I wish someone was with me.  There I was, just minding my own business, when all of a sudden I see this happy little ball of fluff, rolling and bumbling along the pavement just in front of me.

It was probably the best moment of my life, and NO ONE WAS EVEN THERE.

But whatever. You can still delight in the glory that is The Fluffball of 2013.

Drunk Guy Passed Out On The Metro Steps happens all the time.  I really wish I would have caught what happened right BEFORE I started taking the video--the policewoman tried tapping his face to wake him up, and then a little harder, and harder, until she was just smacking the guy to wake him up. (He didn't wake up.)
Also, there is a moment during filming where she looked RIGHT AT ME AND I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO BE ARRESTED OR SOMETHING AND IT GAVE ME A HEART ATTACK but everything was fine.

I'll tell you more about the Street Performers I Never Thought I'd See In Moscow after the video--I don't want to ruin

Also, Dog Riding The Metro!! What the heck? We were riding the metro to church last Sunday, when all of a sudden we saw a stray dog on the platform.  I have no idea how it got down there--the only way in is through the security gates and down the escalators.  We watched it take a poo on the platform (this is why people take their shoes off when they get inside their apartment over here...), and then hop on the next open metro car like it was no big deal.

Cats vs. Swans was crazy.  I kept trying to get the pigeons close enough to the bush where the wild cats were hiding, but I never caught their pouncing on video.  Too bad.  They seemed to know enough to not try and take down a swan, though.

The Little Girl Feeding the Birds was sooooo cute.  She was just the sweetest little thing.  I wanted to take her home with me, but somehow I don't think her parents would have liked that much.  Just saying. When she left, though, she just looked back and smiled and waved at me forever, and even gave me the cutest little "Dosvidanya" you've ever heard.  Melted my little heart.

Okay, so how 'bout them street performers, eh?

What the heck?

Who'da thunk you would EVER see Native Americans in RUSSIA, of all places?? I was blown away.

And yes, they are also Mormon.  I wish we would have known that when we saw them, but we didn't find out until afterward. We were talking with some of the senior missionaries, and one of them mentioned they had seen the same guys at a Stake Conference, and went up and asked them about it.  Apparently, they are from Ecuador, and they make enough money coming here for the summer to make it worth it.  Isn't that crazy? You fly half-way across the world, and there are STILL familiar things.  What a crazy coincidence.