Only One Week Left in Beautiful Moscow.

Don't cry, I *think* I'll survive.

In other news, you may remember when I wrote this.  I thought now would be a good time for reflection. Let's see how many of my Moscow "to-do's" were completed:

  • Blog: uh...check. Obviously.
  • Paint: Check, Check, Check.
  • See the sights: Also, check.
  • Study Russian: check.  
  • Write my life history: just started, but you probably won't see much of that on my blog.  Still, Check.
  • Figure out my goals in life: Check.

I am so cool. 

Look at me, getting stuff done left and right.  And because I'm such an overachiever, I present to you:

Things That Weren't On My List That I Did Anyway

  • Learn to navigate the Moscow metro and bus system: done.
  • Hang out with lots of actual Russians: done.
  • Eat massive amounts of fresh fruit: done.
  • See a bajillion beautiful Moscow sunsets: done.
  • Cry my eyeballs out when I leave: not done yet, but I'm sure it's coming.