Whelp, He's Definitely Going to Regret That.

From Imgur.

This poor fellow tried to translate his last name, Boktrokoff, into Cyrillic using Google Translate.

It should have looked like this: Боктрокоф.

What he got instead was literally the words "no translation." 



Thoughts that went through my head:

  • Shouldn't he have known that his last name should not translate into TWO words??
  • His last name is clearly Slavic and/or Russian...so ironically, he is trying to translate an Anglicized version of his name back into its native language. 
  • But he clearly does not know how to do that.
  • If his Russian heritage (as evidenced by his last name) was so important to him, why didn't he ask someone who spoke Russian?? A simple double check couldn't have hurt...
  • Why was he trying to put his name in Cyrillic if he clearly doesn't speak Russian??? Why??
  • I don't even SPEAK Russian, but I know the alphabet well enough to know how to phonetically spell Boktrokoff.
  • And lastly...who thinks that getting your name plastered in huge letters across your back is something you will NOT regret??

Ah, the internets. You are so crazy.

Let's hope it's just a prank, and it's all written written in permanent marker.