Even though we will be leaving Moscow today, we won't be going straight home to Nashville.  We're taking a 5-day detour to New York City.

Can I just be honest about something?

I am not really looking forward to New York.

Am I crazy? Yes? Maybe?

Here's the truth: New York scares me waaaaaaay more than Moscow ever did. Which is silly, because, you know, people speak ENGLISH in New York, while they obviously do not in Moscow. So you would think that as someone who has lived in a city like unto the size of New York for three months, NYC would be nothing to me. Especially considering the fact that the city I lived in didn't speak English. 

But every time I think about New York, it just scares the crap out of me.

Mostly because muggings, hello! You allllways hear about muggings in New York. Do they happen in Moscow? I'm sure they do, but it's not really in the culture here. Don't get me wrong, Russians can be violent, but they're more the "beat the crap out of someone because they did something you didn't like" type.

I realize that may not sound very reassuring...let me try a different way. What I'm saying is, as long as you stay at least arm's length away from the drunks and crazies and you mind your own business, you'll be fine.

Seriously, the biggest thing I worry about over here is getting pick pocketed on the Metro, but even that isn't a huge concern because I know what to do in that situation.

It may seem crazy, but New York seems much more dangerous and much more claustrophobic.  I'm sure I would be just fine if I had to live there, but I don't think I could ever handle it permanently. But meh...who knows.

The point is, we are going to New York for five days! And I'm sure it will be fun. (And scary.) And fun.

Anything I shouldn't miss while I'm there?