Meet Vika.

First of all, it's Veeka, not Vy-ka. Just so we're clear.

Now, down to sweet, sweet business:

Everyone, meet Vika the Vizsla

(That's pronounced veeshla...we just like hard-to-pronounce names, I guess.)

Anyway, she is officially the World's Sweetest, Cutest, AND Smartest Pup. It's verifiable--I've got proof.

We have actually been looking at getting a puppy for a while now, because we really wanted to get one before we had kids. Can you even imagine doing newborn + puppy?? I don't know how people do it. Anyway, we had our hearts set on a Weimaraner, but we ran across the Vizsla breed in our and fell in love. 

We found a breeder in Alabama, and drove down to pick up our 7-week old pup on October 5th. 

(Don't worry, Mormons, we listened to General Conference on the way there and back.)

We had a heck of a time picking out the right pup--he had FIVE girls to choose from, and they kept getting all mixed up. Eventually, I picked the one I thought was the prettiest, and then picked her up to play with her and see what her energy level was. I knew she was the one when she cuddled right up in my lap and didn't try to jump off or twist away too early. 

She snuggled right in on my lap for the car ride home, and slept for the entire three hour trip. What an angel. 

The first couple of days with her was definitely an adventure, to put it mildly. I had to work nine hours a day, Tim had class, and the pup was waking us up every hour, on the hour at night. After the first week, though, she settled in and became a lot more manageable.

I know what you REALLY want is more pictures of the pup, not me talking about how cute and sweet she is. (Except for the house training...ugh. She doesn't quite get the concept yet.) So, anyway, here's more pictures of The Sweetest Pup in the World.

Vika is the best cuddler. Forreal. Her favorite things to do are to stick her little snout into your elbow pit, or to nuzzle up against your neck or bare skin. Seriously, I could cuddle with this pup all. day. long.  That's one of the reasons we picked a Vizsla--they are very affectionate dogs. 

See what I mean? She nuzzles right in. Heart: melted.

Yes, she fell asleep like this. With her paws straight up in the air.  Also, since she doesn't have any hair on her belly, you can see her belly button. Isn't that weird to think of dogs having belly buttons? 

Vika snuggling with her favorite toy. 

On a slightly related note, that toy now resembles a rag with all the stuffing missing from its head. 

Vika = 1, Toy = 0.


Vizslas are incredibly active dogs, and Vika is no different. She looooves to run around outside. Luckily for us, we found a bit of open green space right by our apartment complex, so we take her out there every day and let her run around. 

That has been our saving grace, since we don't have a backyard and we can't take her to the dog park yet because she hasn't finished her vaccinations.

Snuggling on the bed with me whilst posing for glamour shots. 

Right in the feels! She's adorable!!

I can't believe how much she's grown up, even though we've only had her for a month and a half. She's all legs now, she's lost a little of her puppy look. Someone tell her to stop growing up! 

I have lots and LOTS of videos to show you, but I don't think I should overwhelm the world with her cuteness just yet. That will have to wait for the next post. 

In the meantime, if you're not already, you should follow me her on Instagram, since that's pretty much all I post about these days anyway.

(Sorry, puppy-hating followers.)

(But seriously, who hates puppies??)