I hate waiting.

This is what I feel like today. Except I'm a girl, not a man in a suit. The MBA process has dragged out to be so incredibly long--and after each step, I think, "Phew! I'm done! All I have to do now is wait." And then...something ELSE comes up. I slaved over the application process, I took the dang GMAT, I had an interview...then I had ANOTHER interview...and then I thought, "Alright, well, this is it. I'll be getting an email soon telling me I either did or didn't get in, and it will finally be over."
Yesterday I got an email, alright--but it just means more waiting:

Dear Danielle:

Thank you for your recent application to the MBA Program at Brigham Young University and interview with Dr. Bill Sawaya and Dick Smith. The Admissions Committee has reviewed your application and has chosen to place it on “Hold” until a later time in the admission process in order to make admissions decisions fair across applicants. Your application will be considered in the pool from which we fill the class.


Yvette Anderson
MBA Programs Admission Coordinator
Marriott School
Brigham Young University

I emailed my advisor to see how much more time I'd have to wait before I find out for sure.  She emailed me back this morning with some more details.


I was recently informed that admissions had put you on hold.  What this basically means is that admissions was super impressed with and that they will consider you for the fall, but due to  your lack of full time work experience, they have to be fair to other candidates who may have more experience.  They can’t give you a spot until they process a few more files to see if your qualifications hold up against those of the other potential applicants.

Getting a status of “hold” is a good thing.  It means they liked you enough to give a little more lenience on work experience if it makes sense given the rest of the applicants.  If your desire were to leave the program with a high level corporate role, they may be more concerned, but because your  goal is to maybe work in a smaller business or a mid level rather than senior role, bringing you in with a little less work may be okay given your other strengths as an applicant.  Admissions just has to be fair to other applicants.  So, at this point, it is more of a sit and wait situation.  My best guess is that in three weeks, you will have an answer.  If for some reason you get put on the waiting list because the class fills, just know that some students will bail over the summer and could open up additional spots in the program.

I can just tell you that everyone raved about how impressive you are and that they want you here, but they need to make sure timing is right and that things stay fair to others. 

So...the good news is, I'm still a good candidate.  The bad news is, more waiting...ugh.

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