Dani and I are venturing out into the world! We have planned our first vacation to a destination that neither one of us has been. Where, do you ask, would we choose for our first real adventure together? Nashville, TN. Why? ... We don't really know ourselves.
Since we are going to be in Louisville, KY the last week in March working, we thought it would be fun to go use the next week to take a minor trip. Just the two of us. To Nashville! I have never wanted to see the Country Music Hall of Fame, but nonetheless I might end up seeing it anyway!
We were trying to make a decision between Memphis and Nashville: the clincher was that Nashville is the city of Vanderbilt University, the #17 top law school in the country. Assuming that I can knock the LSAT out of the park...I would love to think that someday (like next year...) I may be applying to schools like Vanderbilt with a realistic chance of getting in. This may or may not be a dream...I have yet to take even a practice LSAT yet, and thus my little fantasy of attending a top twenty school has not been crushed. Even though I have had little to no desire to attend Vanderbilt, I figure that it is at least one school we will have visited, and thus be just that more familiar with when the time does arrive to choose the location of my formal legal training.
Until next time!


  1. That is so random. But I'm sure it will be a blast. I forgot--what are you doing in KY? Something charitable, I'm sure.

  2. yeah what are you doing in Kentucky? You guys WOULD choose Nashville. Weirdies! You'll have fun though.


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