What We've Been Up To Lately

So...it's Cinco de Mayo today.  Happy Country's Anniversary of Freedom to all my Mexican peeps.

AND it's Carrie and Adam's wedding anniversary...what a great day to get married. 5/5/05.  Tim and I should've waited until 9/9/09.  I tried to see if he would spring for it, but...no takers.

I just thought I'd write a quick post about what has been happening in our lives lately. 
First off, I made a goal to read Anna Karenina this summer.  I think I've read maybe 30 pages so far out of...like, 700.  But so far, it is really an excellent book.  Tim took a Tolstoy class this last semester and absolutely loved it.  And I've loved getting to know what he loves better.  He's so good at doing that for me, I thought I'd return the favor.  An easy task, since I love reading!
The week before last was spent packing and moving all of our stuff to Springville, to Tim's parent's house.  WOW.  I never knew how much STUFF we had until we had to pack it all up and haul it somewhere else.  I used to remember in the good ol' college days when I could fit all of my worldly belongings in Guadalupe, my trusty old 1992 Subaru Legacy Sedan Sports Edition Turbo.  Man, those days are gone...
Luckily, I have some great in-laws who lent us the use of their larger automobiles, so that we didn't have to make a kajillion trips in our little Honda.  Still, it took a good 4-5 loads in the Denali, but we did it.  Well...to be honest...mostly, Tim did it.
But now we're all moved in and settled with Todd & Jill, and it has been really great so far.  Tim loves that he can watch the NBA playoffs.  I have watched more basketball in the past week with Tim than I ever have in my entire life combined.  Seriously.  I love that I get to know Tim's family better, and spend more time with Tim's younger sisters, Aubrey and Kim.  And we both love that we have twice the amount of closet space.  We forgot what it's like not to have to cram our drawers full of our clothes.
So, now that we're moved in, we are really looking forward to a (mostly) quiet summer. A couple of big things on our calendar include: Kim's graduation; our trip to the Beatles convention in Nashville, TN; Stadium of Fire with Monte & Nikki; studying for the LSAT (Tim) and taking it in September; finishing and hanging my final art show; going to Chicago with Dave & Jill and the fam; and GRADUATING in August.
I'm still working at the Stockroom this summer, and Tim will be working at the MTC till sometime in June.  Then--I'd like to try and find a full-time job (still no word on the MBA application) to support Tim through his senior year of school. We'll most likely move to Wymount sometime in July or August.
I am really looking forward to this summer.  Of course, anything with Tim is an adventure.  But we all can't be as lucky as I am...


  1. Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's anniversary of freedom. Just FYI. But, you know, whatevers.

  2. I am listening! And we are all in! Already we're planning a trip to southern Utah and ALL friends are invited, prob around June 11 to the 15! You should COME. I think some people might be coming for just a couple days, so we can work out rides and stuff like that after we hear back from everyone. Destination: ZION's and the GRAND CANYON. Yes, come.


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