Beatles Tribute Band

Tim's dad, Dave, has a business selling Beatles memorabilia.  He got us free tickets to a Beatles tribute band last Friday, so we drove up to Salt Lake.  I wasn't expecting much--I think just because I didn't think they would be as good as just listening to the music on CD.  But holy cow--they were awesome!  Tim said this band was one of the best Beatles tribute bands and that each member of the band had carefully researched their part, even down to the way John, Paul, George and Ringo would move during their songs.  They had the same equipment, made the same jokes, etc.  It was so cool. 

Since Dave had the hookups, we got our own picture with the band afterward.  

 Tim and I, after the concert. 

 We were almost late to the concert, but we made it there in barely enough time.  It was so much fun to go with Tim.  Beatles songs are like the only songs he actually knows the words to.  (Sorry, love, but you know it's true.)  

His endearing singing usually goes something like this: "it's too late to 'polagize, it's too late to 'polagize....hold me on the rope, got me ten feet off the tell me that you need me, then you go and let me down....mumble mumble....da da da me down, and they say hey, ey...(at this point he usually just starts over from the beginning with gusto because he doesn't know any more of the song)."   It's really quite entertaining to sing along to the radio with Tim. What he lacks in lyrical accuracy he definitely makes up for in passion and effort.  We'll give him an "A" for effort.


  1. Yeah, that wasn't as funny as you promised it would be.

    But the concert sounds like it was a lot of fun! It must be a guy thing to not know lyrics but sing anyway. Adam morphs songs. "O Canada" (don't ask...) usually becomes "Fools Rush In", and what starts out as completely wrong words to the tune of "Amazing Grace" ends up as something totally unrecognizable. It is endearing, though, isn't it?

  2. I did that on purpose so that you had to read both posts to compare them. tricky, huh?


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