Best. Birthday. Ever.

*Disclamer: I'm just going to warn you now...this post is as long as The Great Wall of China.  Be prepared to read. And read. And read.*

I remembered last week that my birthday was coming up. I don't think birthdays mean as much to me as they used to.  I told Tim (seeing as we're trying to save money), "I don't want any presents.  Just write me a love letter or something."
Well, Tim didn't respond very well to that.  Apparently, that statement doesn't really flow with Tim's idea of birthdays: they are a day used to make someone feel special, not a day used to save money.  Weird, I know.

To make a very long story short, he finally managed to convince me that I should let him get me a birthday present.  (Are you following me on this one? It's more than a little backward...)  After days of telling him the best present would be for us to save money, I finally gave in and told him he could get me a present for my birthday.  To quote the text message I sent, "This is so backward.  Not many husbands have to beg their wives to let them get a present."  Which is true.  You should have seen his face when he found out he could actually spend money on me.  I call it the Disneyland face.  'Nuff said.

So...May 20th arrived, and Tim woke me up at 7 AM with some good morning  married people know the kind. He said, "Since we're living at my parents' house, I thought I'd introduce you to our family's traditions.  We do things a little bit differently in this family."  A couple of minutes later, there was a knock on our door and the family came in to sing me happy birthday and invite me down to breakfast.  Jill writes birthday poems for each birthday, and I got my own wonderful birthday poem, as well as a delicious breakfast.  Ignore the "just woke up" demeanor.

Not to mention--not just one, or two, but THREE presents!  I was so excited.
Before we begin the revealing of the presents, I would like you to keep in mind my specific skills and proven personality traits.  See if you can pick out anything, oh, I don't know, uncharacteristic about these presents in relation to my personality.

Second present: A BOCCE BALL SET!
Third present: A NEW TENNIS OUTFIT!

....Notice anything?  Like, maybe, the fact that they're ALL SPORTY PRESENTS?  I mean, c'mon...I can't even catch things from a short range.  My uncoordination is at an all-time high.  I used to run away from the frisbee whenever we played Ultimate.
So, now you're expecting me to tell you that my birthday presents were way off, and he should have just given me the cash to go shopping.  (Pretty darn tempting.) darling husband is so great at giving gifts.  Hard to believe for those who know me well, but each one of these presents was perfect for me.
Firstly...we joined our ward intramural Ultimate Frisbee team (Tim's the captain...woo hoo!), and I love playing.  It is so much fun! I've been telling him we need to get a frisbee.  And I'm so excited to practice.
Secondly...we love bocce ball!  It's a great game that's easy and relaxing (and doesn't take a whole lot of skill. Maybe that's why I like it so much).  And now you guys can play with us, if you're in the neighborhood!

Thirdly...we have started playing tennis together and love it.  I am still really (REALLY) bad at tennis, but it's a fun way for us to get exercise instead of just running endlessly, which I hate.  And it is the cutest outfit ever, and (close your ears, boys) it matches my sports bra perfectly.  Yay for matchy-matchy.
Just goes to show you what a great person I'm turning into because of Tim.  Or maybe just a sporty person...I don't know.  Anyway, that was only the beginning of my perfect birthday.

I had work until 12, and then Tim had work until 4:30.  After that, Tim got with Stephanie and organized the perfect party for me: casual, with my most important friends invited.  We went to Stephanie's apartment, ate some food, and broke in our new Bocce ball set with a game of guys v. girls.  Girls won...of course.  We had the Birthday Mojo on our side.  It was the perfect party--not too big, not too small.  It was so much fun playing Bocce ball.  Too bad it's SNOWING OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW or we would probably play this afternoon.  Grr.

We had to race to our Ultimate Frisbee game right after the party.  I thought maybe the Birthday Mojo would help us win our Ultimate game, too, but didn't.  We lost 12-2.  Wow, it was bad.  But we only had 7 people show up so we didn't have any subs the entire game.  We played really well, considering.  It was the perfect weather and the perfect company.  I loved it. 
After all the running around and socializing, I asked Tim what the plan was next.  Of course, my miraculous husband had it all planned out: go home, snuggle on the couch, and watch the season finales of Bones and The Mentalist, just you-and-me time to wrap up the day.  Perfectly exactly what I wanted.
So now you know why it was the best birthday ever.  I felt loved and cherished the whole day--exactly the way everyone should feel on their birthdays.  And I learned something new.  Birthdays are about making someone feel loved and special, not just about the money.

The only problem with the entire birthday: How can I possibly outdo this for Tim's birthday?




  1. Awwww! Look at you two being all mushycute! It's so good to hear that someone has enough love (and, let's be honest, patience) for you that they would be willing to tackle your coordination issues head-on. I tried, Tim, we all have. Good luck to both of you on that one.

    So glad you had a great birthday, Dani-Nita! We love you and we thought of you here. Good luck with the rest of your frisbee games. I sure hope some of that money you're saving is going toward a trip to Florida sometime soon...

    Have you planted your stinking peas yet?

  2. LOL...that was such a fun post to read, Dan, sooooo happy you had the BEST DAY deserve it cuz you really are the SWEETEST GIRL and I don't tell the other girls that, either! I love you

  3. Carita: good news and bad news.

    Good news: Yes, I planted the peas.

    Bad news: Yes, it has been consistently raining/cloudy/cold ever since we planted our garden last Tuesday. My poor plants are going to die (that is, assuming they live through today's snowfall or don't get root rot from overwatering). The ground has yet to have a chance to dry out.

    But the peas should be okay. Supposedly they are a pretty hardy frost plant.

    Gardening makes me feel like an anxious parent.

  4. I would like to mention that although I was not in any of your photos I DID attend your birthday party at Steph's. Without my mate. All by myself. And you better have appreciated me being there.

    I want a tennis outfit. Perhaps it would help me with my lack of a tan?


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