Some Important Dates (Like, You Know, My Graduation And Stuff)

Okay, familia and amigo/as, it's the beginning of The End. Of my six-year college career.  It's about time.

Anyway, I have a final art show coming up that is the capstone of my fine arts education.  Needless to say, it would be so great if you all could see the show.  It will be up for two weeks from July 16th through the 30th on the 4th floor of the Harris Fine Arts Center, east side. My opening reception (in which we eat food, mingle, and look at the work) is set for Thursday, July 22nd from 6 - 8 PM.  If you are coming from out of town, this is the event you should come for.  But the show will be up for two weeks, so if you can't come then, at least you can come see the work some other time.

My graduation from college is on Friday, August 13th, at 8:00 AM in the DeJong Concert hall in the Harris Fine Arts Center.  It will be boring but hey, we might have a party afterward.  Just sayin'.

I realize that a lot of you (or alot of you) won't be able to come to both, and so I've made your earth-shatteringly difficult decision easier for you: I'd most certainly rather have you come to my art show and opening reception than my graduation.  (Except for all the parentals.  I'd prefer they'd come to both, but I understand...)

Now you know, and now you can buy your graduation presents plane tickets!


  1. I am THERE! (mostly for the party and the tacos) but still.. the art will likely blow my mind...

  2. i will come. for sure to the reception... 8 AM graduation? I'll probably be at work, and even if I wasn't... but I would like to come to a party of sorts, 'specially 'cause I didn't see you on your date of birth.

    Shouldn't a quarter-Mexican know that the pluralization of friends (when both males and females are involved) is just "amigos," not, "amigo/as?"


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