Good Things to Come



  1. Phew! I finally stop checking your blog in realization that you're probably both drown in your duties and never going to communicate with the world again and then bam! Blog posts up the wazoo!
    1. I like the pinecone kicking game. And I knew it was Tim's blog without even looking. Go figure.
    2. I can't believe someone broke into your car! And stole CS Lewis! That was a good collection!
    3. I like this movie. Have you seen the motherhood one? Real good.

  2. So, this is not in relation to that video you have posted, because, I didn't really watch it. Erm, I just wanted to say how beautiful you were at your art reception, and how AMAZING your work is. If I had money, I would buy one. It may be the one that made you cry, I wasn't exactly sure which one you were referring to, but I thought they were all incredible.

  3. goooood one. that man just has a way to sayyy it.


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