New Beginnings...Only Tim & I Aren't In Young Women's.

First things first...we are not vagabonds anymore! We found a place to live next year. 

So....that's good news.  We had finally settled on moving to Wymount, for a number of reasons.  Mostly because we were too busy to look at anything else, and there were no other contracts available in our ward.  Then, when we were in California, we got a call from Tim's uncle asking us if we'd be willing to house-sit for him in Provo.  His son & daughter-in-law (Robert, Lynda, & cutest-ever baby Simon) are moving to NYC to attend Columbia Law School (yay!), and they needed someone to watch over the house.

We went and visited with Tim's uncle (also named Tim) and his wife Robin on Saturday.  It was really great to talk with them because they chatted with us about Tim's future as a lawyer, since older Tim is also a lawyer.  We got some really good perspective on our future and were able to have a nice talk with them.  After that, they showed us around the house and talked to us a bit about what they wanted us to take care of while they are gone.  The point is, we feel really blessed to be able to house-sit instead of rent.  We're contributing a little to utilities and a little for Tim to be able to use one of their cars, since I'll be out of town so much with my new job, but it really isn't much compared to what we would be spending elsewhere.  We're just really glad this all worked out.

PLUS--since it's outside ward boundaries and there's no married ward zoned for this part of Provo, we still get to go to our old ward! A definite win-win.  We'll move in probably the last week of August.
So, my final art show is over.  It's a good and a bad thing.  My class ends this week, and then next week...GRADUATION!  I'm so excited to finally be done with all of that.  I can't believe I'm finally graduating.

Another beginning: my new job starts tomorrow! I'm going to the Springville Museum to help with their Family Night.  I'm really excited to start a new job, and I really think this job will give me a lot of good experience and help me push in the right direction.  I never would have thought I would get a job like this, let alone be excited about it.  But I am.  I hope everything goes well.

School for Tim starts August 30th.  He has one more year till April and then he'll be graduated.  He's taking the LSAT in October--only two months left! If he's disappears and you don't see him until October, that is why.  I think he will do really well on the LSAT.  If we don't get a score we like, we will probably wait a year and retake it.  We'll see what happens.

Lots of big changes going on in the Stratford family...

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  1. Yay for free rent! That is wonderful news! And they have a beautiful house. Good luck on your first day of work today! Maybe someday I'll have one of those...


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