I'm Kind Of Rooting For Tim To Fail The LSAT....

    ...so that I can have my job for another year after this one.

    Yes, three days in and I already like it that much.

    And no, I would never want Tim to do poorly on the LSAT, and in fact, that is so highly improbable it is completely laughable.

    Anyway.  Back to my fabulous job. I am LOVING it.  Which is so crazy, because I never thought I would do anything with my art ed degree.  Boy, times change.  Sometimes you think you know for sure what your life plan is for the next so many years, and you are convinced that it will be the best thing for you if everything just goes exactly according to plan.  But then--something happens, breaks down, falls apart, and all of a sudden you've done a 180 and you're not sure how you started doing what you're doing.  But looking back (and looking ahead), you realize that this is exactly the way your life should be.  Not only is it the way it should be, it's way better than you could have pictured.
That's the way I feel about it, anyway.  Not only my job, but all of my life decisions up to this point, and especially the fragile ones Tim & I have made together.  The future's so bright I gotta wear shades.

    So, about this job.  Here are some of my major reasons why I heart being an official Outreach Educator:
  • The museum itself is GORGEOUS.  Seriously, if you are in the area and you've never really been to the Springville Museum, I highly recommend it.  It was built in the 1900's and was added on to throughout the years, but they still have this beautiful old-school sense to it.  All of the higher-ups' offices are so gorgeous, with this old-fashioned cobblestone tile floor.  I mean, my boss's office has a chandelier in it!  It is so much better than working in a flourescent stall somewhere.  It's like a labyrinth underneath the museum, and I get to go in all the tunnels! I've always loved being "behind the scenes."
  • I have my own DESK! hellO!  Isn't that so cool? My own little area that's all mine? Cool, right? .... okay, well, I thought it was cool, anyway.
  • Also...I have my own MACBOOK with the full Microsoft Office programs and ADOBE SUITE! (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator.)  I can take it home whenever I want or need to.  It's mine...all mine.  (Okay, mine until I stop working there...but still.)
  • I get to do lots of cool stuff and get paid for it.  Today I designed something in InDesign and got paid while I did it. I'm still trying to remind myself that it's okay because it's for work.  It seems like playtime, not worktime.  
  • I get to travel to schools across the state and give presentations to students about art, and provide professional development to teachers on teaching art.  
  • I get to work with kids!
  • I have a really flexible schedule, and they ask that you work 80 hours in a two week period.  So that means if I work 60 hours one week, I can only work 20 hours the next week.  That might actually happen a lot this year because driving time to schools = paid working time (yet another awesome thing...). 
  • ....So, that means that if we work all 40 hours in one week from Monday to Wednesday, then I get Thursday through Sunday off.  Sweet, I know.
  • All the people I have worked with so far have been so nice and so laid back and easy-going.  How do I always get the best jobs? 
    The point is, I have really liked working at the Museum so far--and hopefully this job will add a lot to my experience, both on the resume and off.  I keep thinking about all the other people who applied for the job--they could be in my shoes right now, and I could be trying to find another job at McDonald's.  I am so lucky to be here, in this position, and to be able to have these experiences.  I just feel really lucky and blessed.

    The Lord does answer prayers, and he does watch out for us and put angels in our way.  Even (and maybe especially) when we don't deserve it.

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