I'm Just Like Aubry.


But...most importantly...today I am just like Aubry because

I. Love. My. Job.

Inorite? Soooo Aubry!  Anyway, today was a great day because I finally feel like I'm getting past the "newbie" stage at my job and getting down to the nitty gritty.  And we all know the nitty gritty involves DOING the stuff you've actually been training on, and seeing if you really do like it or if you've just been telling yourself that you will.

Today was one of those days where I found out that I really am going to like what I do--and that I already do like what I do.  Yesterday, Crystal (my partner, coworker, boss, and fellow road trip philosopher) and I drove to Brigham City to teach an art class at an alternative high school.  After that, we drove back to Salt Lake and did some supply shopping at Ruel's (Hay, you probably know where that is...), then we went to eat lunch at the cutest French bakery. And if I could remember the name, I'm sure Aubry would know the one I'm talking about.  I had the best slice of chocolate mousse cake EVER.  

So then we drove to Murray where Crystal did a professional development, which is like teaching teachers who don't have a lot of experience teaching art.  Then we drove to Duchesne.  What a place.  We were pretty worried we would have to stay overnight in a creeper motel, but luckily, the place we stayed at wasn't that bad.

This morning, we drove to the newly constructed (and newly instituted) Eagle View Elementary.  It was closed down because its children were being "left behind," if you know what I'm sayin', and had to get brand new administrators and whatnot.  Really interesting stuff.

But the best part was actually teaching the kids and doing activities with them.  I really love it!  It's pretty crazy and fast paced, but it's still so fun.  You get to be with all these cute little kids who are so excited about art and drawing.  It's pretty much the best.  It's really interesting to see how uninhibited they are when it comes to doing art.  We sometimes ask them at the beginning, "Who here likes to draw? Who thinks they're an artist?" Every hand in the room pops up.  They are so excited about life. 
I also love seeing the different school systems and programs.  The school we went to today had a very high proportion of Native American students, and it was really interesting to see and teach and be with all of them.  

I really surprised myself by how much I am enjoying teaching.  I've found I really like working with the kids and teaching them new things, which I never thought I would enjoy as much as I am.
In other news, Tim and I are all moved into our new place, Tim's started school (and loving it), and he takes the LSAT in about a month (eep!).  

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  1. what a convenient time to open my google reader. geesh. thanks for the shout out, dan. and not just a shout out, but like 8 shouts out... with all those links you posted, n' all. {listen up, y'all - that takes some effort. which means dani must really mean what she's sayin'}

    and for the record, i love my job.


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