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When Danielle and I agreed to start a joint blog as a couple I made a promise that I would post regularly (I think I may have promised away our first born if we didn't post regularly...oops). I am currently defining 'regularly' as 'quarterly.'

I am going crazy right now preparing for the LSAT. It isn't so much that I am studying so much that there is no time for anything else as it is that I don't have the time I want to keep studying. One friend of mine that I respect very much (and who aced the LSAT), spent a year and a half preparing for the test. I am trying to do it in 3 months. And all I can say is that the LSAT is winning.

I don't know how I will do when I take the test on Oct. 9th (I am nearly scoring int he 90th percentile). My goal is to score in the 95th percentile. This is very feasible, but maybe not by the time that I am scheduled to take the test. I think this is okay to say after Danielle's last post about how much she loves her job. If I am not satisfied with my score, Dani and I are trying to decide what to do. But we are really waiting until I get my official score the last part of October to make that decision. That means I will have another reason to post this quarter! Wahoo!

In addition to the LSAT I am currently the Pres of the Comparative Literature Student Association. All this means is that I like to read long books more than most people. We are up and running, and will have a game night next Thursday night.

And lastly, life is great because Dani is a part of it!

Lastly, a poem I am writing (on the spot) about how I feel when I watch those that are finished with school for this season of life:

Oh to be graduated! To
be no more agitated by
the looks
that I get
upon not grasping the significance of Norse mythology in the flow of literary history.
( a class I have this semester)

It's not a big deal that my will
is not what professor thinks it
should be.
I seek out distractions, various
attractions, to keep my mind from exploding from the scholarship heaved at me
(Curse you Norse mythology!)

The end is in sight;
two semesters away!
Oh, the day!
that I will be free from the facts,
and endless exams,
for one summer...
until law school sends
its summons my way!


  1. I would just like to say...
    We did not "agree" to start a blog, Tim bullied me into it.
    PROMISING, of course, that this blog would not thrive on my efforts alone.
    I love you, Timothy Darling. I'm glad we have such a smashing [semi-coauthored] blog!

  2. hahahah your poem!!! it should be a rap.


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