Christmas Music: our tradition

One of the very best parts of the holiday season is the music that accompanies it. There are so many fantastic songs that only have a couple of months of airtime each year. In our home we have started a tradition: we buy one new Christmas CD each year. Last year we chose to get the Jackson 5 Christmas. It was the best purchase we made all year long. This year we are looking to get the ever-so-popular Mariah Carey Christmas: All we want for Christmas is you! Okay, over the top with that last line. My apologies. HOWEVER!!!! I had this great idea to buy it as a surprise for Danielle and have it ready to unwrap when she got home from St. George tomorrow. I went online and did some searching to try and decide if I should get the first Christmas album she has or get the new one that came out last week. One thing led to another and I found myself listening to Andrea Bocelli's newest Christmas album. The voice I hope to have in heaven. That is all I can say to describe it. So good!!! AND THE DUDE IS BLIND!!! I have a man crush on his voice. Maybe that is because everything sounds better in Italian...even Christmas...

What to do now? I love my baby. She loves me...and Mariah. And not so much the more classically trained voices. It isn't that she doesn't like them as much as it is that there are an infinite number of other voices she would rather hear. I have a feeling that she is going to win this year. But not without a compromise. Here is the deal that I have to offer you Danielle: Mariah this year IF you make us stockings that rock as much as her Christmas Album! And we have to get Andrea next year...
Let's see how this goes down. (I feel hopeful since she already wanted to make the stockings...)
Just for fun though, give us a shout out. Who would you get if you had to choose: Andrea Bocelli or Mariah Carey? AND!!! What is your all-time favorite Christmas song and album?

Also, so that everyone knows, I took the LSAT and got a 166 (it's out of 180). This puts me in the 93rd percentile. This is good enough to get me into a top 20 law school, but unlikely to get me into a top 10 law school. I am very hopeful about getting into either Cornell (13th) or Vanderbilt (17th). Any votes?


  1. Congratulations on your LSAT score! Un-congratulations on listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving, the Most Overlooked Holiday (TM).

  2. Hooray for the LSAT score!!! That's great! Andrea Bocelli all the way. ;)

  3. I accept your challenge. The Christmas stockings will be made, come hell or high water.

  4. cornell cornell cornell cornell.
    i have lots of friends who are crying crocodile tears after leaving their grad school years in ithaca. and i've heard amazing things about their local grocery store - wegmans.

    i'm serious.

  5. HOLY COW. I can't believe you added the LSAT stuff as a side note. Hello--it's kind of the big thing I've been dieing to hear about! But Christmas music is important too. Andrea Bocelli wins for SURE, although Mariah Carey is pretty cool (sorry Dan).

    Anyways, back to law schools. I can't believe Cornell has a campus in Doha! You guys could be Mark's parents' neighbors! But of course I have to give my first vote to Vanderbilt. Eight hours from us? The choice is obvious.

  6. I say Vanderbilt because it is less than 4 hours from my sister's house in Kentucky (I could visit you both in one trip!). Congrats on the LSAT score! What a smarty pants.

    I believe that everyone needs to own Mariah Carey's first Christmas album. It is a must have. All others may follow after it. Sorry, Andrea. I love him, too.

  7. Alvin and the Chipmunks does it for me. Thanks for the heads up on DC - I'm just going to have to find a new giant.


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