Here's a List of 15 Things About Me. Just, You Know, Because.

1. I feel like marriage has changed me more than any other single thing in my life, besides the Gospel.  I still haven't really figured out how to use this new person that I am becoming, but I still like it.  It's hard sometimes, but always worth it.  Tim makes it easy to be happy.

2. I just like to make things.  Baking, art, sewing, crafts...anything that I can create makes me happy.

3. I have become much more of a sports person since marrying Tim.  I mean, Hana asked me if I wanted to do a yoga class with her and I said yes.  If you knew me in my childhood (or even a year ago), you would have known that that is completely uncharacteristic of me.

4. I have a perforated eardrum.  That happened when I was two, and didn't get fixed until I was 16 or so...I can't really remember.  Anyway, I've always showered with one ear out of the water.  It takes skill.  Try it sometime.

5. Pie crusts hate me.  And I am determined to power them into submission.

6. I am really excited to move to the east coast for law school.  Right now, our top picks are still Cornell (Ithaca, NY) and Vanderbilt (Nashville, TN).  We'd LOVE to get into Duke (Durham, NC), but that's a pretty long shot for us.  I guess we'll see!  We won't start applying until around the end of November.

7. This is harder than I  Tim and I are doing a marriage study right now for money.  It's great.  We get 12 free weekly sessions with a therapist, and even though our marriage is not "in trouble" by any stretch of the imagination, I think it's been really nice to be able to work through some of our problems.  I think we've become a lot stronger and closer to each other because of it.

8. Because we're in a marriage study, we're both wearing a blood pressure cuff all day today.  It keeps going off at random times.  Ah, the things we do for money!

9. It snowed this morning and looked very beautiful out our back windows.  As much as I hate being cold, it's really just driving in snow and being in snow that makes me hate snow.  I love being inside looking out at snow, because it reminds me of Christmas.

10. Tim and I are trying to establish our own Christmas traditions.  I don't have many because, well, we went to Mexico all the time.  And Tim doesn't have any because his childhood was disrupted by divorce and remarriage.  We have a couple so far, including:
   *buying a new ugly Christmas sweater each year
   *getting a new Christmas album to listen to (last year it was Jackson 5....DEFINITELY worth it.) And have you voted?
   *unplugged holidays--no cell phones, laptops, iPod Touches, or iPhones for us or our kids.  We want to hang out with each other, not with our electronics. far, that's it.  But we're working on it!

11.  Speaking of Christmas, I am doing something awesome this year.  I really like the idea of having Christmas stockings that are meaningful and well-made for our family.  Promise you won't copy me? (Well...I guess it will be flattering if you do.  But you gotta give me credit.)  I'm going to make red satin stockings with the trapunto quilting method to do images from the Nativity on our stockings.  Tim's will be Joseph, I'll be Mary and Baby Jesus (because I don't want the kids fighting over who gets to be Baby Jesus...obviously.), and then we'll have to have at least three kids for the Wise Men.

12.  I feel like my last four should be a bit shorter.  I'm trying to grow my hair out.

13. I would rather be in eternal summer than eternal winter.  Wouldn't everybody?

14.  I had a dream that Hana was on the news and they showed a picture of her desk and it had three glossy 8x10's of Stephanie, me, and Missy taped up on it.  I mean, isn't that there in real life, too? If it's not, it should be.

15. And last, but not least, I still read this a bit obsessively.


  1. Excellent, another fellow board reader! Huzzah!

  2. I'm glad you've joined in the 30 day challenge. It was fun reading your post!

  3. Oh my gosh, Richie, I pretty much read it every day. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a dork.
    Kelli -- thanks for inspiring me! It looked really intriguing.

  4. Haha, before I even clicked on the last link I knew what it was. I'm glad you've joined us! I think the next few days will be a little less work.
    There's pretty much one thing that I didn't already know on guys are being paid for therapy!? Hahaha that's gotta be fun. Try not to let your blood level get to high today.

  5. What? You knew about my Christmas stockings? And my crazy dream about Han? I doubt that, Stephanie. But if you DID know those things, you'd be even more of my cousin than I originally thought...if that's even possible.

  6. 3. Dan lets just do Yoga at the Quarry becaaauuusseeee Aust can get us passes for $30 bucks! from a guy selling them on craig's list!
    4. Remember when you had surgery for that in Rexburg, your Dad drove us ( I was there wasn't I?)
    5. THey hate me TOOO!
    11. First of all, what makes you think A. that we aren't creative enough to make our own B. who says we like your taste in Christmas stockings and C. I don't even understand what you're talking about doing with these stockings.
    14. i'm going to make this TRUE TO LIFE! ahaha.

    and also...i'm doing this challenge, too!


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