Look at this Cutie.

Tim and I talk a lot about how much we've grown for each other in marriage.  We have a lot of differences--sometimes more than the typical couple, I think.  But those differences have made us rub off all of our sharper corners first.  I feel like we are going through a refining and unifying process faster than we would if we were just super blissful all the time.  It's no surprise that every married couple has their disagreements, but Tim and I have been able to use those disagreements to change who we are for each other.  

As a result, I am developing into someone I can be proud of.  Tim is teaching me how to be sensitive, patient, and conscious of others, how to communicate my emotions better, and how to truly look outward to others around us.  There are so many things we are learning together and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

The other day, Tim pointed out that going through something hard is not the same as being miserable, and the easy way isn't always synonymous with being happy. I mean, we go through hard things all the time that make us into better people.  And that's exactly what Tim is doing for me. Yay for eternal love!


  1. "going through something hard is not the same as being miserable" Sooooo True. I'm going to have to steal that. Miss you lady. Are you still in Provo?

  2. My own neck hair grosses me out in this picture... I would like to apologize to all who have seen it... And am now realizing that it is again time to cut what little hair still grows on the top of my head.


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