Snowflake Escapades

Tim: "Uh-oh."

Me: "What? Did you cut yourself?"

Tim: "I don't think this snowflake is going to turn out."

Me: "Why?"

Tim: "I accidentally cut off the top...AND bottom."

He's so CUTE! (Both the snowflake AND Tim.)

And here is a snowflake montage of some of our [more successful] pieces:

This is Tim's craziness.  We nicknamed it Medusa.  It kind of looks like it got one of in a light socket.

But seriously, Tim is good at making snowflakes.  Seriously!  Better than a lot of people I've seen with no natural artistic tendencies (Cough...Carrie...cough...).  Good enough, in fact, to make this little beaut:

As for me, I'm an old pro at snowflake making.  Ever since Mrs. Woolley asked me to whip out some snowflakes for her in her art class when I was in high school.  So while Tim was over there slaving over Medusa, I was making wonderland masterpieces.  Liiiiiiike...this one:

Snowmen, people!  SNOWMEN! My artistic prowess with scissors and copy paper knows no bounds.

My success at the snowmantastic attempt led me to make another masterpiece, this time with the humble Tannenbaum as my inspiration:

Please notice the genius that is the shared star atop all six of those glorious little trees.

Aaaand really I think I should have stopped there.

Mostly because what came out next was SUPPOSED to be baby Jesus..."supposed to" being the key phrase there.

Tim said, "Is he supposed to look like an alien? Why is his head so wide?"  The answer: i don't know.

 So of course, I had to make another one.

 Yes, still a little creepy...still looks a bit like some sort of insect...but I triple dog dare you to do something better.

At least now Tim and I know we can make awesome snowflakes together.  A huge part of compatibility for any marriage.  I told Tim, "If Carrie ever wants to whup our butts at Scrabble again, we'll just tell her we want to make snowflakes instead. We can win at that fo sho."  Remember two years ago, Carrie?  Scared, are ya?  You should be.


  1. The ex-neighbors are still traumatized over your last unseemly yuletide display. I hope they don't see this, they would probably commit mass hari-kari.

  2. Jerks. Both of you. That's all I have to say.

  3. you're blowing my mind right now.

  4. remember our freshman and sophomore year apartments!! snowflaked-OUT!

  5. i actually read this post this time, and looked at the pictures at the end, and I laughed so loud, my co-workers were wondering what I was doing (I was at work...not really supposed to be blogging...)! the baby Jesus one....ahahaa


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