Dani, Jazz, and Finals: in other words everything on my mind

This is just some ramblings. Nothing more. I don't want any unmet expectations because I am giving you fair warning up front that this is just blather to get me through until Dani comes home to feed me.
First off: Danielle (A picture I found on Facebook because I didn't have my hard drive...)

(I must confess that when I first wrote the title I had 'Jazz' before 'Dani.' Knowing that the inner pharisee in many of you may come alive and rip me to pieces for not putting the wife first, I decided to change the order. The title didn't reflect priorities. Now it does.)

Can I start off by saying that I love her? She is such a magnetic person! I couldn't helped being drawn to her splendor while we were dating! One of my secret fears in life is that I am going to put a damper on the magnificence that is my wife. I have learned that if I just don't get in her way, she will be the best wife ever. (For me that is.)

I am so lucky that I married someone with whom I am genuinely infatuated! I find her attractive, funny, and inspiring! Sometimes she uses words that I don't understand. I take a mental time-out whenever this happens to tell myself that it is okay to ask for a translation. She has to ask me for a translation occasionally as well. But it is when I speak Russian...

Jazz: How 'bout them Jazz!!!
Deron Williams. Paul Millsap. AK-47. You all rock. So the Mavs ended your winning streak? I can live with it.

Finals: How do I make you more important that you really seem while I am applying to law school? *whimper*

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  1. I smile as I read this because she is her fathers daughter and I can sooooo relate to how you feel about her because it mirrors how I feel about her Dad!!!! I get you, Tim....I get you!


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