Turns Out, I Make Everybody's Wildest Dreams Come True

So, we just sent out Christmas cards / wedding thank-you's.  I know, I know...it has been a year and four months.  But better late than never, right?

So, naturally, I gave a Christmas letter to my Dad.  He doesn't really do the whole sappy Christmas card thing, and the only thing he wanted to know was why wasn't he in a picture on the letter.

Well, it turns out that I, in my subconscious genius self, actually DID include my dad in the letter.

Anyone see him?  You get a prize.


  1. So, I was trying to look for you dad, and I must be blind. ANYways, your halloween costume hat thingy reminded me of a teletubby. Don't read into that-I am not calling you tubby. Just your hat is. Erm. Yeah. HOpe you made it safely to Idaho and Oregon!

  2. I see your Dad! In your letter, top photo, over Tim's left shoulder, in the background, snoozin with the sunglasses on! Tell your Dad hi and that we are still here in AZ and think of him often. Tell him to call us sometime.
    Thanks for the cute letter and pics. Stephen graduated from ASU and is working as an Electrical Engineer here in AZ. Tawny is living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. She graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in Painting and Printmaking---she and Dani have things in common! Best of everything to you both!
    P.S Tim--have you been in a Sumo Wrestler costume lately ;)

  3. Oops, I thought Tim was writing that, yes, no? Well, I thought I was looking for Tim's Dad and maybe I found Dani's Dad. Read above post as if said Dad is photo is Mr. Dave Stratford.


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