This is What Chelsea And I Did On The 5 Hour Drive Back From Picking Up The Girls.

Okay, so, in Jackson Hole, they have a local thrift store.  That local thrift store is named Browse & Buy.  

Over on the other side of those magnificent Tetons in Driggs, we also have a local thrift store.  Its name is See & Save.  

I guess southeastern Idahoans have a penchant for alliterative second hand stores. I told Chelsea that we should open up another thrift store in Tetonia: Peruse & Purchase.

Naturally, as anyone else would do, we then came up with a thrift store name for every letter of the alphabet:

Admire & Acquire
Buy & Beat It
Check & Charge
Dive & Dash
Enter & Enjoy
Find & Flaunt
Glance & Grab
Have & Hold
Inspect & Impart
Judge & Jump
Knick & Knack
Look & Leave
Meditate & Mosey
New & Not
Observe & Obtain
Pick & Pay, Peruse & Purchase
Query & Quantify
Retrieve & Retain
Spy & Spend, Stop & Shop
Try On & Trek Out, Think & Thrift
U-See & Usurp
Veto & Victory
Watch & Win, Want & Wear
X-plore & X-spend, X-Rays & Xylophones
Yearn & Yoke
Zip & Zap

I think we should start a chain of small thrift stores dotting eastern Idaho.  We may or may not have too much time on our hands, but hey, it would be a big hit.  I just know it.

You in?


  1. I forgot about that! You must've continued the work on your own or with Tim cuz I don't remember some of those...

    That was so fun. Thanks for coming with me!

  2. Our family is so weird, but I love it! Nice work, girls.

  3. Yeah, I added a couple of them that we didn't have time to think of. It was way easier with a search But hey, we're pretty cool for doing 95% of them withOUT a search engine.

  4. hahahahahahahahaha new and not!!!

  5. super! can i sell my HObags at your stores??


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