Pictures...For Kimberly (And Everyone Else Who May Want A Tour)

Okay, so here are some pictures of our apartment.  Just remember: there is no storage space. Anywhere. Yet.  So things are pretty much in neat (and not so neat) little piles.  So, no judging.

Alright! So this is our kitchen....

 Here's another shot--sorry it's so dark.  Notice our one (ONE!!) drawer...sigh...

Aaaaand here's another picture looking into the living room doorway.

This is of the back door where we usually come in and out, because it leads straight outside.  The front door goes down some steps inside the building and then you have to go out another door to get outside.  I like going that way because it's closer to our car, but Tim likes coming in this door because it's more direct.  Also, see those cabinets above the stove?  They're metal.  Which is kind of a good and a bad thing, because I was hoping to be able to add little spice rack shelves to the doors or sides of the cabinets, but I can't really do that with metal.  However, since they are metal they will hold magnetic I just need to find a couple of really cool things to do with magnets...hmm.


This is the color of paint I am thinking of painting the walls in the living room.  That's my project for tomorrow...yay!  I got the paint at the Habitat for Humanity home store--it's kind of like a D.I. mixed with a Home Depot, and it is awesome!  I got two surplus gallons of Vanderbilt paint for $10.00.  If you have one in your area (a Habitat store, that is), you should definitely use it.  All the proceeds help build houses!

Here's a shot of our dining area, which is also our living room.  The archway on the left that you can barely see goes into the kitchen, and this door is the front door that leads down the stairs inside.

Another picture of the living room, with our beautiful computer on its little IKEA desk.  27" of pure design love.  It is amazing.

 Sorry this is dark--this is the living room from the kitchen archway.

 And this is where the two bedrooms and the bathroom are.  Prepare yourselves for the glory that is our bathroom. It's pretty amazing.

This is the entry.  Scary, right? Just look at all that seafoam green.

I tell you, there should never be a reason why that much icky green should be concentrated at such a high level in one spot.  I have already surrendered my design skills to this bathroom and decided to leave it as-is.  Not much you can do with that green except try not to clash with it.

Which is why Tim and I bought a sea-foam green bath mat.  It's a beaut.

Are you seeing the space between the toilet and the wall?

This is our extra room.

And those are all of our books, waiting to be unpacked.  But we don't have bookshelves, so that is their home for the time being.


Tim's little study desk.  Isn't it so cute? And bare? That's because all of his stuff is on campus in his locker. It only takes him about 5 minutes to walk to campus.  It's so nice for Tim to be able to walk there and back.

Sorry it's sideways...I can't figure out how to make it go normal!  But here's one of our closets, in the spare room...teeny, huh?

This is the other closet.  It's in our room, and it is still teeny.  We're definitely going to have to be creative with our clothing situation, because there's no way both of ours will fit.

So this is where all of our clothes currently boxes.  Just like everything else in our apartment.
And this is our bed. We got a really thin blanket from IKEA for the hot nights, and it is sooo much better than our thick comforter.

And also, please notice our cute little teddy bears.  They are there because we don't know what else to do with them.

So....that's it. The grand tour.  Tomorrow I'll try and put pictures up of the new paint in the living room (I wrote most of this post yesterday, if you're wondering why I said painting was tomorrow's project).  It looks amazing and so much better.  Since the whole apartment was white, it just felt so...sterile.  And yucky.  Now it feels a little more homey and a little more personalized.

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  1. The space between the toilet and the wall is actually smaller than it appears in the picture. Alas, it is sufficient to fulfill the measure of its creation.


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