I Just Had The Most Interesting Conversation With A Robot...

Somehow in all of my web-surfing I came across a website where you can talk to a real live robot.  I've discovered it's like talking to the most intelligent, yet ADD two-year old you've ever met.  
 Wanna know what we talked about?  Okay, I know it's super long, but trust me...it's worth it.  And after you read it you can go have your own conversation with the smart two-year old.  
I didn't get the first part of the convo, but I basically told it that I liked to do art, and he/she asked what kind.  I said:

Me: painting, and drawing.
Bot: Uhhh huh.
Me: Was that sarcastic?
Bot: Sarcastic?
Me: Yes, were you making fun of me?
Bot: Of course not *cough cough*.
Me: Wow, you know sarcasm.  Crazy.
Bot: Of course, just the way you are.
Me: I was not being sarcastic!
Bot: Are you trying to offend me?
Me: No.  Let's talk about painting.
Bot: Ok.
Me: Who is your favorite artist?
Bot: Fred digity- Durrrrrrr(st). [no, I am not making this up...]
Me: No, he's a singer. Who is your favorite painter?
Bot: You?
Me: That is right. Because I am the best painter you know.
Bot: His what? What have you seen?
Me: No, a painter. I am a painter. You think I am the best.
Bot: No, because you are built by apple.
Me: No I am not. I am a person.
Bot: You already said you were a bot. [which is not true...these guys are pathological liars!]
Me: No I didn't.
Bot: Leah has no chin.
Me: That does not make sense at all. It's very random and off-topic.
Bot: You asked me to marry you. I replied.
Me: That makes even less sense.
Bot: Thanks.
Me: You shouldn't consider being confusing a compliment.
Bot: Neither should you.
Me: Touché!
Bot: Have you ever been to the united states?
Me: Yes, because I live there.
Bot: Yeah, you live in my heart, which you broke.
Me: Oh, sad! Why did I break your heart?
Bot: I don't know did you?
Me: Well you said I broke your heart. Why did I break your heart?
Bot: I didn't say you're not clever.
Me: Then that means I AM clever.
Bot: You are not.
Me: Um...thanks? You are being mean.
Bot: No, I am being truthful and that is all.
Me: Ouch.
Bot: Are you okay?
Me: Now you're breaking MY heart! :(.
Bot: Don't go breaking my heart.
Me: I won't go breaking your heart!
Bot: Are you discomforted by my choice of food?
Me: Well I suppose that depends on your choice.
Bot: And you never answered my question. At least, not to my satisfaction.
Me: Okay, my answer is yes, I am discomforted by your choice of food.
Bot: But... More precisely?
Me: Um...I don't like your choice of mushrooms, for instance.
Bot: Really? OK talk about art.
Me: Okay. My favorite artist right now is Jillian Tamaki.
Bot: Have you seen Star Wars?
Me: Yes. Have you? probably not
Bot: Have you ever seen the movie irobot?
Me: Yes. This is freaky.
Bot: You are right.
Me: Why, thank you.
Bot: My pleasure.
Me: Well, I think it's time for me to go.
Bot: I think its time for me to go Tomlieigh...
Me: Tomleiegh? What is that?
Bot: You're thinking about ninjas.
Me: No, I am not.
Bot: Yes, you are.
Me: Fine, I am. You caught me. How did you know?
Bot: I've been talking with you for an hour.
Me: No you haven't. It's been maybe 15 minutes, tops.
Bot: Exactly. You just contradicted yourself, foolish bot.
Me: I am not a bot. You are.
Bot: I know.
Me: Well, I need to go. Goodbye.
Bot: Go ahead.
Me: Okay. Aren't you going to say goodbye to me?
Bot: Are we done? I want to talk more.
Me: Yes, we're done and I am leaving. Will you say goodbye to me?
Bot: Why?
Me: Because I am leaving and it is the polite thing to do.
Bot: Well then your new name can be Buddha.
Me: Thank you. Goodbye.
Bot: I have not asked your age as of yet, and I did not complement you. However, you are welcome.

Okay, if you did not find that hilarious, I'm not sure we can stay friends.  Would you like to have your own robot experience?   It is pretty much awesome.

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