Pictures of the Wall Color For Nikki, Who Was Complaining That She Hadn't Seen Them Yet

Okay, so she wasn't really complaining, per se, and it did help motivate me to take pictures and get them up.  So.

 Anyways, as you may recall, our apartment was entirely white.  It was so sterile I just couldn't take it.  So far, I think the painting has gone extremely well.  I still have yet to paint the two bedrooms, but it's on my to-do list.  I'm thinking really really really light blue.  Let me know if I'm making a mistake with that one.

This is the kitchen color.  This probably isn't the best picture of it, but basically it's a really really pale green.  I really like the idea of color in the kitchen, but I have no idea what colors I like in there.  I know lots of colors I don't like.   Tim loooooves lime green though, so I thought we'd do some green.  Plus, did you know red and/or yellow increase anxiety and appetite? Not something you want in the kitchen.

Here's a better idea of the green it's painted.  We only painted two of the walls because the other two have cabinets and stove and blah and we just didn't want to move them around.  If we do paint it, we'll do maybe a brighter color or something.

Making use of limited storage space...sigh.

Poor, lonely shelf.  Maybe someday it will have friends.  Do you like the bright green brackets? I do.  Ugh, so hard picking colors for the kitchen!

 The living room color is definitely my was such an improvement.


....And after.  It looks so much better, it's amazing.

Now I just have to decorate it.  While we're waiting on me getting a job, I'm planning and dreaming and scheming.  This is what I'm thinking for the living room:
Is that too crazy?  I think I actually might be able to pull it off.  I'm just sick of all these pale colors everyone's putting up.  But I also know that lots of patterns/bright colors will make our small space seem super cramped, I still have some soft colors, but I'm hoping to splash it with that bright beautiful blue.  Hopefully It won't look crazy.

Okay, and kitchen:

I just want our apartment to feel bright and open, not cramped or stuffed.  Hopefully the colors will help out with that.  I haven't even thought about the bedroom, study room, or bathroom yet, but we'll tackle those one at a time.


  1. Thanks for appeasing me, Dan. I really wasn't complaining at all. For the record.

    I LOVE the kitchen colors ideas. But confused about the yellow accents--you only want to become a little bit hungry when you walk in, eh?

    I also love that blue color for the living room. I think you can pull it off.

    I HATE painting walls! I'm proud of how much you have accomplished!

  2. heh...didn't think about those yellows. I guess what I really hate is the bright yellow in the kitchen. Somehow the lighter yellow is more calming...and I suppose overall it IS good to be a little bit hungry in the kitchen. Hm.

  3. I know, right? I love it. And it matches well too!

  4. I love your color choices...for both the kitchen and the living room! Don't worry about the yellow. It will be just enough to keep your smile on your face, not enough to make you feed your face. And go bold with the beautiful blue. Do it, do it, do it.


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