Christmas Is Almost Here!

Isn't that crazy? It seems like it takes forever to get here and then before you know it, it's all over.

Let's talk about some things that have happened lately.  Picture essay style. 

First of all, I had a baking party with some girls from work, and it was EPIC.  As in, best night of my life.  And here's the only picture we took, which happens to be a picture of the cutest little vanilla bottle and half stick of butter that you've ever seen:

SO CUTE, right?

Tim took a picture of some cute wreaths:

And a cute squirrel.

What can I say? Tim appreciates the cute in life.

We found our new favorite chair...

And the sectional sofa that we WILL HAVE in our dream home.  

As I told Tim, "Can't you just see you and me and our six kids and lots of popcorn and blankets and a movie and nuzzling all together and love??????" 

He may or may not have been overwhelmed by that, but trust me, having a couch that can double as a giant nest can only be a good thing.

In the same store, we also re-discovered something...

Remember this, Carrie?

I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in my life.

The chest hair! The pose! Ah, it kills me! 

I think Tim and I are going to buy this for our children.  Just like the Everybody Poops book, it introduces important life lessons about dinosaurs and why lots of people die.

I also learned how to knit...

Went on a trip to visit my pregnant sister in Utah...

Snapped a picture to show how pretty we all are and how much we like taking pictures...

Watched Dad abuse his Costco sampling privileges multiple times...

Went to Temple Square to see the lights...

Found the Liahona (no small feat, I assure you.  But don't worry--there was more than one, so now we can all have one!)...

Took pictures with Missy's pregnant belly...

 And--oh yeah--Tim got pooped on.

 That was reaaaaaaal funny.  

 Ate Biscoff cookies...

Tim shaved his beard off, sad day.  I loved his beard.  He did not.

He did leave a 'stache, for about thirty seconds.

 This is what my husband would have looked like in the late '80's.  Oh boy.

Found a picture of our future house...

Put this picture on my lock screen so I could enjoy it as much as humanly possible (thanks Hana)...

Missy FINALLY had her baby, of course only two days after I left to go back home...

 I FINALLY finished the beastly stockings I started last Thanksgiving...

But, bonus, they turned out preeeeetty well.  See how that's Mary holding baby Jesus?

And that's Joseph?

And the lining is gold?

I'd say success.  I'd also say that our kids are just going to have cheap, made-in-China stockings, because there is no way I'm doing that again.

That's pretty much it.  What have YOU been up to lately?


  1. Not sure the Liahona will fit in the stocking, besides I don't think it's the original one. The original had an LCD display and I'm sure the batteries have run down by now and are out of production...

  2. the stockings: super high-end cuteness
    the lock screen: mega knee-slapping goodness

    too short seeing you, we need to plan yearly, cousinly get togethers. we can save $$ all year long for it! my girlfriend does it with her gf's that are scattered around the country, & i want us to, too :)

  3. I love photo essays! You should do this more often. Ditto what Hana said. Any hope for my iPod? Im writing this through crack lines.

  4. I love the Christmas stockings...beautiful! Also, Melissa's baby is so cute.

  5. Admittedly this was an informative and lengthy post, but get over it - post something new already.



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