News, Bullet-Style

I don't think anyone really reads this anymore.  Maybe if we have a baby I'll be popular again.

I realize this is not a good enough reason to make a child...

but it's a little tempting.

Just kidding.  I don't care about being popular.

[crickets chirping]


Here's some stuff we've been up to lately, in a list of bullets.  Mostly because A) I'm too lazy/tired/bored to write it all out, and B) as aforementioned, I don't think throngs of people will be reading this.

  • Had a great Christmas and a great visit from Jill, Kimberly, and Katie.
  • Tim got his first-semester grades back and he did very well.
  • We're working on securing his first summer internships, and so far it's going well...we'll see where that takes us.  It's possible that it might take us to Russia...
  • Dave and Jill came out to visit for President's day weekend and we had a great time.
  • I'm still working at Apple and loving it. A lot. 
  • Nashville weather is still great and way better than wherever you are.  It was 60 degrees today, people.
  • Also, we have a Baking Group at work.  I never thought I would have more friends at work than I would at church, but I do.
  • Tim's still on the Missionary Committee, and I'm still serving in the Primary Presidency (2nd counselor, y'all).
  • Tim and I have started watching Downton Abbey.  Guess what: he likes it.  A lot.
  • Also, we're still in love.  A lot.
  • Here's a reward for hangin' in there to read this post: I'm starting an Etsy business.  That kind of deserves its own post, but the point is, I'm almost ready to launch it.  It will probably go live later this week.
And here's some pictures so you can see our shining faces and what we've been up to.

(Oh, and thanks to Blogger, who hasn't updated their photo uploading system in 2305138561947023847285629 billion years, the pictures are out of order.  I refuse, out of principle--okay, and laziness--to fix them. GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRR)

Here's what Tim looks like in his nice suit.  He had mock trial recently.

Look at that tie! What a winner!  A strong tie with a slight hint of floral.  I die.

Oh.  And this is my friend Mary's dog, Bowser.  She's in Baking Group with me.  It's epic.  So is Bowser.  Look at him!  He's like a little cotton ball!  And he doesn't yip!

This is me. And Tim.  Outside of our neighbor's door.  We really should have taken it in front of our own door, but oh well.

This, I am convinced, is a bullet hole in our laundromat window.  My dad says it's too small, but what else could make that shape? Thank you, Coin Laundry Express, for helping me feel safe doing my laundry.

We went to Bluebird Cafe with Dave, Jill and Gabe!  Loving us some Bluebird.  Soooo great.

AAAaaaand we went to a plantation! Tim's going to buy me one some day so I can have a garden. A big one.

We even tried our hand at dressing the part.  And practiced having a child to raise.  Turns out we're naturals.

We planked.  On the Parthenon.  I'd say that's pretty epic.  Me, Katie, Kim, Jill.

Tim got to eat a lot of food while his parents were here.  It made him pretty happy.

This is us again. Duh.

Tim got me an ice cream maker for Christmas.  Pretty much the best gift ever. See Exhibit A: Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream.

We ate at Chik-fil-A for our first time ever.  Pretty good. But not amazing.  Are we missing something?

Look, more pictures of us eating!  You'd think that food was really important to us or something...cough...Tim...cough...

This is Tim eating two slices of Costco pizza, a hot dog, and a churro.  Yes, all of that was just for him.

And this is funny.

And now you're all caught up on all the things we've been up to lately! Don't you feel accomplished?


  1. Tim eats a LOT!!! How do you afford that man?

    I want some of your homemade ice cream.

    I also want 60 degree weather.

  2. No one really reads my blog either-but every once in a while someone actually makes a comment so I know there's at least one person out there! So, I will do that for you ;). It's fun keeping up with what you're doing. Russia sounds exciting! I was enjoying 65 degree weather today as well-except for I was inside working all day. I also have an ice cream maker-it gets me frequent requests for 'ice cream making parties' so you should try that sometime :)

  3. Ice cream makers are the best. Would you go to Russia with Tim? And I have been waiting for an update from y'all for forever!

  4. I really would like to be your instantaneous friend. I don't have instagram. And duh, I read your blog, so you should post more often.

  5. I agree with deb bot on all points. Also, When are we gonna have our next Midwestern get together??

  6. I love you two! Thanks for the update...and enjoy painting! Jill D. (mommacita)

  7. Way too small for a bullet hole - I already explained how. Tim's got the suit, now just needs to golf.


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