We're Going to Russia, folks.

When I found out we would be returning to Russia, I decided I wanted to be more prepared this time.  I checked out books on Russian history from the library, started learning Russian through Rosetta Stone, and even followed a couple of Russian news sites on Twitter. 

That was the best idea EVER.

Turns out, there are some downright crazy things going on over there. Now, in Russia's defense, we've got just as many crazy things going on here too...like duck faced sorority girls, that woman who chopped off her husband's man bit and threw it in the garbage disposal, etc etc.  But seriously--some things are just too good to keep to myself. They NEED to be shared. 
So, without further ado, I present to you my top favorite crazy stories, straight from the Russian Federation:

1. This guy's reaction to the once-in-a-lifetime meteor that caused a sonic boom, blew out thousands of apartment building windows in dead winter, and injured thousands:

5. This video of someone casting a demon out of a dog. The narrator explains that his dog has been acting funny lately so naturally he had the priest exorcise it:

7. And, one of my personal favorites: the lady wearing a fur coat made out of fox butts.


"Please be aware on what you are buying when you are buying a fur coat or you can end up like this Russian lady walking around in her new coat apparently made out of the rear-most parts of the animals and she seems even don't realize it. It's not clear though if those holes left in tact or were covered from inside."

And just to show you that there are lots of good things going on there, too...

8. This dog being rescued from certain death:

D'awww.  Warm fuzzies.

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