Okay, Okay, Fine. New York Might Be Okay to Live In.

We went to New York to visit, but also to see if it is a place we could end up someday.

I said no thank you. As soon as we stepped off the plane in New York, I told Tim, "I don't think I'm going to like New York."

 "I'm pretty sure I won't like it."

"I already don't like it."

The Subway was hot, humid, and filthy. The elevators and stairways smelled like a port-a-potty on the 4th of July in the sun, and there were waaaaaay more crazies in New York than there were in Moscow.  How could anyone enjoy living in such a claustrophobic city?

It didn't take long, though, before my views on New York took an abrupt 180.  Somewhere between the adorable buildings and Central Park, I kind of fell in love with New York.

But I still reserve the right to have a five-year limit on big-BIG-city living. Just saying.

Best things we did in New York:

Brooklyn Bridge at dusk.  

I guess I could live here if I had to.

Kinky Boots.

It was pretty cool, but we also got a backstage tour and got to meet the lead actor because Tim's friend is his makeup artist.  That part was even better than the play! 

A crepuscular Central Park excursion to see the fireflies.  We saw like a billion. 

Hitting up Zoltar for our fortunes at FAO Schwarz. 

Eating at Carnegie Deli.

Tim tried to prepare me for a New York style deli sandwich by saying, "It's a lot of meat.  Like, a LOT of meat."  I assured him I could handle it, but nothing prepared me for the actual massive amounts of meat on that sandwich. 

I mean, jeeeeeez!

Obviously, this made Tim a happy camper.  

So happy, in fact, that he made me take another picture of him with his leftover sandwich in the airport so he could convey the bliss that he felt whilst partaking in this celestial sandwich.

Do not get between this man and his food.

Also, I got cheesecake.

And it was quite literally the WORST cheesecake I have ever had.  I will certainly need to rectify that situation on our next visit to New York.

Here's a weird car.

Yes, we ate at "Seinfeld's Diner." It was surprisingly good and surprisingly cheap.


...and funny church signs!

Grand Central Station may have been my favorite place. 

Also, will you settle an argument for us? I say the ceiling is Tiffany Blue, Tim says it is oxidized copper.  What say YOU? 

And, of course, the lovely lady Liberty.  She is pretty, isn't she? 

(and how about that pollution, eh??)

The 9/11 Memorial.  

It was really beautiful--the pools go deep into the ground and it's such a stark contrast from the sky-high buildings surrounding them.

Break my heart. 

Her unborn child? So sad.  We saw at least two of these.  

The museum wasn't open yet--I bet that would be fascinating to go to once it actually opens.

So, dear readers, remember: if at first you hate something (like New York City), try it out first, because you might just find out you love it instead.

That is all.