Here's An Update. (And Also I Remembered I Went Yurting.)

I know I haven't been blogging half as much as when I was in Russia, but here are a couple [great] excuses I have:

  1. My normal, ho-hum life is so completely boring compared to the Awesomeness That Was Russia.
  2. Blogging was my way to keep in touch with everyone since I basically spent three months without all my friends. So, getting my friends back = less blogging.
  3. I been busy, foo! I have to work now! I can't just sit around all day in an air-conditioned apartment and blog in between my incredibly awesome day trips around Moscow!
  4. I have been lazy.

But I'll be better, I promise!  I hope you didn't miss my latest DisPinterest post, but it's been up for like two weeks so if you're a regular reader I'm sure you didn't miss out. (If you haven't read it yet, you really should. I'm pretty sure it's my best one so far.)

Other than has returned to normal. I'm back to working at Apple. I love working there and I love the people I work with. Tim's back to school, slogging away at his final year of law school (in May we're FREEEEEEEEE, yay!). We still live in the same place. We still love Nashville. We still have awesome friends to hang out with on the weekends.

Oh! I just remembered! I have something interesting to tell you!!

I went YURTING! 

That's right, yurting! It's like camping, but in a yurt! (Who'da thunk they'd have those in Georgia, of all places??) A couple of weekends ago, we went down to Cloudland Canyon State Park in Georgia for a couple days. Mostly we yurted, did a little hiking, roasted some hot dogs and mallows, and in general had an awesome time. Here's some pictures just to prove how awesome it was:

The inside of our yurt. I guess you could basically consider it glamping. All I will say is that it beats having a hot tent to crawl in and out of in the middle of the day. Also, bonus: no bugs inside. And lots more space.

Is there anything better than waking up in the forest and watching the sun rise through the trees? 

I didn't really get a picture of the outside of our yurt, but you can kind of see part of it here, so that counts, right? It was canvas. And it had zip up windows.

Our friend Nick, cooking massive amounts of bacon for our morning breakfast sandwiches.

This is Nick's wife, Farrah. She has twins. She basically makes it look super easy to have twins, because she is just awesome like that. This is obviously only one of the twins. Her name is Pyper, and as you can see, we decided to take them hiking with us before their nap.

This is Marley. Maybe it wasn't such a good choice to take them right before nap time. (But aren't they adorable?)

Views from our hike. It was pretty up and down, but if you've ever hiked in ACTUAL mountains, it was a piece of cake. 

At one point, we got to a sign that said "WATERFALL ---> 3 MI" and we thought three more miles of this was going to be pretty rough.  We mentally prepared ourselves for a couple more hours of ups and downs. Then, about ten minutes later, we found ourselves dumped right at the waterfall.

Turns out it was only .3 miles.  

Remember, people, incorrect punctuation can kill!!!

Pretty cool, eh?

Also here's some pretty flowers growing out of the rock.

And our favorite tree... ^^^ (my favorite part is the teeny drawing of the T-Rex)

And that was it! It was a short but sweet camping trip. 

If you've never yurted before, you should really give it a shot. Anybody up for it? We'd go again, I'm just saying.